CrossFit V. Tough Mudder V. Hard Science – Another KB WTH! Story… [ALL TRUE!]

We’ve been talking a lot this week about the pros
and cons of CrossFit and what makes our (StrongFirst)
KB training philosophy different from CrossFit.

First, I got a series of emails from Dave yesterday –

“I’ve had many short conversations with Crossfit trainers.
My first experience in 2006 was looking at a weeks
program on a chalk board, and asking what are you guys
doing for strength? His response explained methods that
total work was the goal, which after participating in
a workout, reaching that goal was expected at all possible

I a agree we are strength specialists but, I disagree
with you that Crossfit are generalists.
No, they are endurance specialists. Even their games
are measured in quantity and time. You made time, that’s
all that matters.”

Dave, based on your information, I think I stand corrected.
Thanks, my man.

BUT, does that mean you have to or even should train
for endurance to be good at endurance events?

Not necessarily.

Which brings me to point #2:

Being stronger than you are now will actually have a nice
carryover effect to your endurance events.

Don’t believe me?

How about Tough Mudder? Ever heard of those races? You
know the endurance mud-filled obstacle events?

Will getting stronger carry over to one of those?

Sure will.

But first, how ’bout some science to back up this seemingly
outrageous claim:

Two studies by Norwegian scientists, one on runners,
(Storen et al., 2008) and one on cyclists (Sunde et al,
2010), put their endurance athletes on a 4x4RM half-squat
program three times a week for 8 weeks.

Not only did they get stronger and more explosive (without
gaining any weight), their sport-specific endurance
improved: They increased the time they could last at
max aerobic power output before hitting exhaustion.

Pretty cool, eh?

But how ’bout some real world proof?

Ok – got this unsolicited text from Carl, one of my
Private Coaching clients.

Check it out –

What you can’t see is what’s cut off where Carl says –

“I know, I know…I’m preaching to the choir. ;)”

Pretty cool, huh?

(And BIG Congrats to my man, Carl!)

No specialized endurance training, a la CrossFit.

Just good ol’ fashioned customized strength training.

See, when you do it right, find your strengths and
weaknesses and train them accordingly you see amazing
results, without having to do a lot of extra work.

That saves you time and energy and gets you to your
goal faster.

Which reminds me, I’ve have some openings in my Private
Coaching Program.

It’s not for everybody. It’s for serious trainees only.

If you think you might qualify, click here to apply.

Have a STRONG weekend, my friend!


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