[CUE EVIL LAUGH] Challenge Yourself – If You Dare…

I can’t believe we just celebrated our son’s one year
birthday on Saturday.

I know I may seem like I’m beating a dead horse here
cause I keep mentioning it, but the whole thing just
amazes me.

If you’d asked me 3 years ago if we were going to have
kids, I’d have given you a loud and resounding “No.”

But now… a whole ‘nother story.

It’s amazing how time just flies.

One day no kids or desire to have kids, the next, you’re
little boy is turning one!

Life will pass you by if you let it.

That’s why I’m a big believer in setting up challenges for

Just small 30-90 day ones.

Right now I’m finishing up a 30 day challenge – 6 days
to go.

And let me tell you, it’s Extreme.

But that’s what a good challenge will do for you – pull
you outside your comfort zone and make you really
“feel” life.

Keep an eye on your email over the next couple days
cause I’ve got a challenge for you.

Well, maybe for you.

It’s certainly not for everybody on who’s reading this email –
that’s for sure.

And that’s ok.

Because it’ll be tough.

It’ll require some commitment, concentration, and consistency
on your part.

It’ll stretch you, that’s for sure.

But when you’re done – ahhh, yes – Sweet Victory!

In the meantime, think about how your life could be different
30 days from now if you accepted a challenge – really dug
in and committed to expanding your horizons…

Gotta run.


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