“Daddy Day” Workout [INSIDE]

Hey – I know I said I’d try to get some videos done for you
yesterday afternoon – didn’t happen. Was spending time with
my son.
Then I was going to get them done this morning after taking
my son to Little Gym, but…

It’s turned into a “Daddy Day.”

#1 son needed to spend some time w/ Dad, and truth be
told, Mommy needed a break. So she’s out toodling around
with his baby sister.

So, I’m out here on my deck watching my son play in his new
pool – very proud of him – he went down the slide by himself –

Sometimes he can be a little cautious.

So, I’ll work on those videos this weekend about how to
relieve / avoid sore elbows and biceps pain when doing
your cleans and your snatches.

In the meantime – you may find yourself doing something
other than what you had planned on doing and may have
to put your workout plans on hold – or at least modify them
so you can still keep going and reach your goals.

So here’s a quick workout that will only take you about 15
minutes or so, maybe a bit more.

Sneak it in this evening before your plans, or first thing tomorrow
morning before the kids get up and you have to take them
to their games/practices/whatever.

You’ll simply need a pair of KBs – any size.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

1. Find your rep max (RM) on the Clean + Press with
(If you really want some “fun” use a moderately
heavy pair and do Clean + Push Presses.)

That is, do as many reps as you can with good form.

2. Take 50% of that number, so if you got 5, then do 2.5.

Kidding. Round up and do 3. If you get 10, do 5. You get
the picture.

Then rest 2 minutes.

3. Set your timer for 15 minutes and do as many high quality
reps as you can – remember to use 50% of your RM – in that
time period.

4. Wipe the sweat off your face, neck, arms and wherever
else you need to when you’re done.

5. Go enjoy the rest of your plans for the weekend. :-)

These types of RM-percentage-based workouts are fantastic
for building strength, muscle, improving conditioning, and
even getting lean (losing that pudge) when you know
how to program them correctly.

They form the backbone of the “STRONG!” program in
“Kettlebell STRONG!” and they will get you strong, lean,
and well conditioned.

There’s almost 40 weeks of results-focused workouts inside
already planned for you.

The best part is they’re very flexible – you can make progress
on only 2 days a week – so you’re workouts will never interfere
with your “Daddy Day” or your “Mommy Moments.”

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Gotta run – story time.


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