Damage Control (What To Do If You Ate Too Much Yesterday…)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrated it).

We did.

It was actually amazing – got to spend some quality time with my son, then my daughter, then my wife, and then my Mom. Pretty cool when I looked back on it last night.

And the eating?

Well, surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.

Can’t say I overate on anything.

Kinda weird.


Yup, in fact, that was the word of the day yesterday.


How ‘bout you?

Well, if things got a little out of control yesterday, you know, like someone held you down and forced that extra slice of pie down your gullet, well, no worries –

I’ve got you covered today.

Here’s the simplest thing you can do for “damage control.”


Don’t eat.


Just skip your way to dinner.

Then have a relatively light dinner.

Pretty simple.

Oh, and of course there’s a workout.

Here it is:

Based on whatever it is you’ve been doing, or like to do, do the opposite.

For example:

If you like to do a lot of ballistics, do a lot of grinds instead.

This will requires more energy than you’re body is used to.

My favorites for burning calories are the double KB Front Squats.

Combine them with Presses for a total body assault on that guilt and extra calories.

Rep ranges: 3-6.

Rest: As needed, but not too much.

And –

If, like me, you favor the grinds, then guess what?


A LOT of ballistics.

Swings or Snatches or even double KB Clean + Jerks.

How many?


Well how many is that?

Plan on around 100 to 300 if you’re doing Swings done in sets of 20.

75-200 if you’re doing Snatches, done in sets of 10.

And 50 to 100 for the double Clean and Jerk, done in sets of 10.


What’s that?



Keep your rest periods low and your reps high.

KB size?


You want to push the reps and not the weight.

Again, this is because if you do a lot of grinds, you want the training contrast that will demand the most energy.

Get them done in as little time as possible. Don’t hang

Then, regardless of whether you did grinds or ballistics, when you’re done, take a 5 minute break, get some water, then go for a long walk. 45 minutes should be about right.

And if you’re really “hardcore” – just go out in a t-shirt.

Yes, even though it may be cold.

It’ll help you burn even more fat.

And the rest of the weekend?

More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.


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