Hey – Quick heads up.

I was supposed to kick off the Kettlebell Express! ULTRA:
Reloaded sale today right about now.

But in typical fashion, I managed to screw something up.
(I won’t bore you with the details.)

So… we’re going to be a little delayed.

Everything looks like it’ll be ready to go by Noon PST.

So keep your eyes on your inbox.

In the meantime, here are answers to some questions
I’ve been getting.

Q: “How is this different from the old Kettlebell Express!
ULTRA programs?”

A: The old programs are still in there for people who never
got the original book.

PLUS, since this is the Reloaded version, I’ve included 50
NEW programs in this one, many of them unique in their
loading parameters, like The Upper Body Dropper, which
is a complex that uses “reverse drop sets.”

Q: “This a book of double kettlebell programs, right? What
if I can’t do or don’t know how to do the double kettlebell

A: No problem! I’ve arranged a way for you to get a copy
of Kettlebell Express! Reloaded – which is the single
kettlebell version.

And no, they’re not just duplicate programs using one
kettlebell instead of two.

And yes, they’re for all skill levels – from the rank amateur
to the grizzled kettlebell veteran.

And yes, there are 50 NEW kettlebell programs in this one

Q: “Who is Kettlebell Express ULTRA: Reloaded really for?
Since it’s a double kettlebell book, is it really just for the
advanced kettlebell user?”

A: Great question and No! It’s not!

You don’t have to be “advanced” to use double kettlebells.

In fact, you just have to know how to use a single kettlebell
and have a willing desire to learn.

That’s why the programs range from simple – just doing one
exercise per program – to complex – doing multiple exercises
per program.

There is a program to fit everyone’s needs.

In fact, you can lean out and get stronger from just working
with one or two of the easiest double kettlebell exercises.

Q: “100 programs sounds like a lot. Where do I start?”

A: Wherever you want. And with what you can do.

You simply read p.12-18 about how to use the programs,
and pick one based on your goals, desires, and capabilities.

Easy, really.

Then when you’ve completed your first program, you go
back and pick your second, again, based on your goals,
desires, and abilities, finish that, and keep going.

Again, easy.

There literally are programs in Kettlebell Express! ULTRA:
Reloaded for everyone’s skill level and variety level, meaning,
if the thought of doing one exercise over and over and over
again revolts you, no problem – there are plenty of programs
to challenge your body AND mind.

Q: “Is there a section on exercise descriptions so I can make
sure my form is correct?”

A: Not per se… However, I do include links to external pages
on my Kettlebell Secrets site for you to check out video
descriptions of the exercises. The main focus of Kettlebell
Express! ULTRA: Reloaded is short, time-efficient programs
to help you burn fat and get stronger in less time than the
conventional wisdom says you need.

Think that’s about it.

Talk to you soon.


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