Did You Download This Yet? (Midnight Deadline.)

I know you’re busy relaxin’ this weekend (my American friends)
but I wanted to make sure you got your FREEE muscle and fat
loss swag:

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/free-gifts


Nothing to buy or any sales pitch or anything like that – just
a bunch of free stuff from some pretty smart strength coaches
and fitness guys.

Yeah, I know – they’re not KB people like we are, but there’s
some great info that you can apply to your KB workouts.

And you can only get these products until Midnight tonite.

Head on over to the site now before time runs out.

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/free-gifts

Talk soon.


P.S. I saw that Captain Complex jumped on here and sent
out the “Cheeseburger Workout” yesterday. Nice.

If you haven’t done it yet, make sure you get it done for
so you can make room for this afternoon’s festivities
(burn a bunch of calories and ramp up your metabolism
so you can eat more food without storing fat) right after
you grab your free booty here –

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/free-gifts

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