Did You Hear The One About The Attorney And The KB?

If you’ve been following the daily missives this week
you’ll know we’ve been talking about the 5 secrets to
finally achieving the leanest, strongest body you can
with kettlebells.

Truth be told, none of the “secrets” so far have really had
anything to do with the KB at all, but rather what’s going
on between your ears in the ol’ gray matter.

Today’s final secret and last one in the series is no

Well, it may be A LITTLE different…

… More like WHAT’S NOT going on in the ol’ gray matter.


Don’t worry, if you are it’ll be short lived.

See, one of the reasons most people don’t achieve the
success they so desperately desire comes down to



Lemme ‘splain.

See, most of us are control-freaks.

(Including me.)

We like to do things “our way.”

And when it comes to training – to using the trusty, rusty
ol’ kettlebell, the same is true.

Many of us – if not most of us at one time or another – scour
the interwebz, wasting valuable time and energy looking
for the “perfect” KB program to help us meet our needs.

Or worse yet, try to cobble our own program together based
on our [extremely] limited understanding of how the body

Then, after wasting, hours, days, weeks, perhaps even
months or years, many of us quit – because, heck, those
kettlebell things don’t work.

Sound mildly familiar?

Other times, we screw up the courage to buy that book,
that workout program with the desperate hope that
inside lies the magic formula to our desperate desire
to drop that always-lingering 15 pounds or that press that
just won’t move and hasn’t moved for years.

And upon immediate inspection of said book or program,
we decide that for whatever reason, the program won’t
work for us because “we’re special” or worse yet, we
know better.

But the reality is, it’s been years since we’ve made any
reasonable, sustainable, or measurable progress to
that leaner, stronger body.

So it either goes on the shelf, stays on the computer
desktop, or gets refunded.

And the quest continues….

Day after day… Month after month… Year after year….

Until you wake up and you look exactly the same as you
did when you were 10 years younger, only with more
wrinkles, darker circles under your eyes, more gray hair,
and probably bigger lovehandles.

In our vain attempt to feel special and “do our own thing,”
we unwittingly fall prey to the herd mentality – doing the
same thing the herd does.

And we all know what happens to the herd in the end,

That’s right – they’re taken to the market and slaughtered.

Sorry – not a pretty picture but you know that it’s absolutely

And until you fully grasp that this is why – even though
you may have vision, faith, action, and perseverance –

Why you are still struggling to really achieve the results
you so desperately desire.

I’ll tell you why –

But first, I want to tell you about Henry Ford, the founder
of the Ford Motor Company.

There’s a story about him that he actually had a desk
with buttons on it and when he needed to know an
answer, he pushed one of the buttons and his secretary
would send in someone who worked for him, who knew
the answer to the question.

And all these guys were bright young men – engineers,
attorneys, scholars, and the such, all with degrees from
major universities.

The point is – he didn’t have to know everything – to know
all the answers to his questions – he just needed to know
who did and he kept those people close.

He had to trust that they had the right answers to his
questions and the solutions to his problems. And their
track record proved that they did – and their jobs
depended on it.
If you truly want to be successful, then you need to
channel ol’ Hank F’s spirit – you need people working for

Unfortunately, no one can sling your KB for you but you
can “hire” expert to help to show you how to finally drop
those extra 20 pounds or –

Finally press half your bodyweight with ease, on demand
(with your shirt on or off – but preferably off, because that
makes your friends even more jealous).

It reminds me of one of Dan John’s favorite quotes:

“The man who represents himself in court has a fool for
an attorney.”

Which brings us to –


There’s a reason attorney’s in a court of law are called

It’s because they counsel – they weigh the options for you
and help guide you through, over, and around the obstacles
that stand in your way of achieving the end result you

He (or she) is someone you trust to help you get the
desired result you want.
The same holds true with kettlebell training.

There are TONS of resources on the ol’ interwebz and
probably even a few in your local neighborhood.

Some of these resources are great, and some of them
are garbage.

How do you know?

Unfortunately, many times you don’t, not until it’s too
late – not until you’ve wasted your time, energy, and
hard-earned money.

Unless you’re using proven resources of someone
with a proven track record – someone who’s earned

the trust of others, just like you.

But I want to caution you about the danger of going it

Remember, going it alone – doing your own thing – is
really just part of the larger “herd mentality.”

See, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE wants to be
successful at whatever it is they put their hand to.

I have yet to meet someone who says, “You know, when
I grow up, I just want to be mediocre, substandard, on
the left of the bell curve.”

Nope – we all grow up dreaming of being “somebody”
and doing “great things.”


Well what no one told us (cause they were too busy
telling us that failure was a bad thing) was that those
who are truly successful –

Those people we admire so much in life –

Athletes, industrialists, philanthropists – the movers and
the shakers –

They got where they are from using the secrets you
learned this week, natural talent (of course) AND
counsel – or coaching – or whatever you want to call it.

Now at this point you may sense a pitch coming on for
my services or products and you’d be right – sort of.

But not really.

See, I’m not going to put a link or even tell you about
a product that I’m selling in this email.

I just want to let you know that next week I’ve got something
very special planned for you –

Something that will help you finally reach your goals –

Finally get leaner and be able to take off your shirt or wear
that little black dress with pride.

Finally press half your bodyweight or prep yourself for an
upcoming KB cert with the certainty that you’ll pass.


Today’s action plan is simple:

Review the emails this past week and the 5 secrets –

1. Vision

2. Faith

3. Action

4. Perseverance

5. Counsel

Carve some time out of today and think on these secrets.

They are your secrets to success with not only your KB
workouts – but EVERYTHING in life.

Spend some time thinking about the particular secrets
you need to really focus in on to finally reach your goals.

And then make a plan on how you’re going to implement
each of the 5 secrets into your KB workouts.

Finally, have a great weekend – enjoying it with the ones
you love most, doing whatever it is you love the most.

Talk next week.


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