Do KB Workouts REALLY Make You “Tough?”

What I’m about to say may shock you.

Here it goes –

No. Not really.

Sure, they can

… By the sheer act of showing up when you don’t want
to workout cause you’re tired, or whatever.

But there’s a BIG problem with KB workouts that don’t
lend themselves to developing mental toughness –

One word:


As you know, I’m always harping on using the importance
of proper technique for strength gains and more importantly –

Injury prevention.

Hard to get stronger, leaner, more muscular when you’re

(Trust me on that one – I’ve tried. Doesn’t work.)

When fatigue sets in with KB training, technique starts to
fall apart.

Sure, they can be more forgiving than a barbell…

But nowhere near as forgiving as other forms of training.

That’s why when you order your copy of “Psychology of
Strength” before Midnight tonight –

I’m going to send you a Very Special BONUS called –

“The Rutgers Files: Tuff Enuff – Mental Toughness

These are some of the workouts and the the concepts
I used training athletes – especially Wrestlers and the
Men’s Lightweight Crew team – while I was a Strength
and Conditioning Coach at Rutgers University.

(The Crew team placed 2nd in the nation the first year
they implemented this training.)

I’ve alluded to this type of training before, but I’ve NEVER
shared any of the specifics.

Until now.

In it you’ll learn the #1 exercise criteria for physical training
to produce mental toughness.

You’ll also discover:

[+]  The 7 best exercises categories for Mental Toughness
Training (MTT)

[+]  The 3 criteria to design your own training programs

[+]  The optimal duration for MTT

[+]  The best frequency for MTT (HINT: NOT every workout)

[+]  How to train with your best buddy to get even tougher

[+]  The details to one of the toughest MTT programs ever –
“The Shutte Special” – designed specifically to get a
heavyweight wrestler ready for his last season

[+]  And much, much more

Just send me a copy of your receipt at support [at] kettlebell
secrets [dot] com and I’ll send this Special Training Manual
over to you so you can get started this weekend.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter how old you are, how
“fit” you are, or your injury history, you can implement Mental
Toughness Training into your workouts

It’s incredibly simple, wonderfully challenging, and brutally

Get your copy of “The Rutgers Files: Tuff Enuff – Mental
Toughness Training”
when you order the “Psychology of
Strength” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. This Special Training Manual is ONLY available when
you grab your copy of the “Psychology of Strength” here.

Sharpen your mind with “Psychology of Strength.”

Train your body with “The Rutgers Files: Tuff Enuff –
Mental Toughness Training.”

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