Do Less, Get “More.” (Details Inside)

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – that sounds incredibly

How is that possible?

Isn’t the goal to do more work?

Doesn’t more work = more results?


And no.

Let me explain.

We are caught in a vicious “more is better” world.

Think about it –

– More gig for your iPhone.

Except that offers you more distraction and less gets
accomplished cause you’re always checking your
email, Facebook, or that Twitter-thing.

– More coffee (20 oz) to get your buzz on.

Except you overstimulate your adrenal glands and end
up crashing about 10am, only to find you need more
coffee to fight off the crushing wave of mid-morning

– More swings for faster results.

Except you find yourself actually gaining weight from
doing all those swings – either through an increased
appetite or increased inflammation due to a stress

Let’s face it, the only place (or one of the few places)
where “More is Better” is your bank account.


Which brings me to the point of today’s email:


Focus On Quality NOT Quantity

Have you noticed yet that the more apps you have
on your iPhone the less you can actually really use
it for the things you really want –

Like taking videos of your of your toddler to send
to your family. (Ahem…)

Cause all those apps take up valuable memory
that you should be using for video storage.

The same thing is true with your KB workouts.

So many of us focus on the wrong things –

1. Doing more reps come hell or high-water

If you’re into chasing numbers, it’s easy to let your
form go to pot.

When that happens, the wrong muscles start working,
and you start training a faulty movement which leads
to injury, frustration, and failure.

Slow down and focus on your technique – make each
rep feel the same. That way you’ll get stronger faster
and actually reach your goals – whatever they are –


Cause you train your body to do the movement the
same way every time, which means, that once you
no longer have to think about it, you can focus your
attention on other things – like using more weight.

2. Cramming a bunch of exercises into your workouts

There is no specific rule about how many exercises
should be in your workout. Unlike the popular fitness
workouts that say you should have X, Y, and Z in your
workouts, kettlebells afford you the luxury of efficiency.

Shoot, you could “just” do one exercise, like the Swing,
and see amazing results.

That’s the beauty of KB training. They’re super-efficient.

You literally can get more done in less time IF you
focus on the right things – like mastering tension – which
we talked about yesterday.

Focus on doing one or two things REALLY well and
you’ll notice that it transfers over to everything else you

3. Working out too many times a week

Who hasn’t fallen into this trap before?

The reality is that because of life’s stresses you only
have a limited capacity to recover.

That means if you can’t recover, you won’t see the results
you’re looking for.

So if you’re not getting the results you expect from your
KB workouts then you need to be honest with yourself –

Are you screwing off not doing the things you know you
should, or are you actually doing too much?

Only you know the answer, but if it’s the second, and you
feel you absolutely must work out every day, cut your
workouts in half and do the second half the next day.

Not only will you feel more refreshed, but you’ll be able
to focus on the quality of each rep which will help you
produce more force, which will help you get stronger or
burn more calories – whichever you goal is.

4. Working out too long in each workout session

There’s an inverse relationship between quality of your
workout and it’s length.

There’s also an inverse relationship between the effort
you put forth and the length.

You can’t go ballz-to-the-wall (‘scuse me ladies) for an
hour and expect your work to count for much. This would
be more of a test, rather than training.

For example, how many Snatch Tests could you do in a
row per day before your hands looked like you ran them
over a cheese grater and you torched your lower back
because your grip was shot?

So the harder you plan on working out, the shorter your
workout should be.

Putting This Into Practice

Of course, this all assumes you know what great technique
is and how to properly perform your KB exercises –
especially the advanced ones. (Don’t worry, I’ve got you
covered there in my new video series.)

Here’s a challenge for you – if you really want a “great
workout” – try this:

Pick an exercise and do just that one exercise.

But here’s “the rub” (to quote Shakespeare) – focus only
on making your technique spot on.

Do all that you know you should instead of just getting
the reps in.

– Make sure your set up is perfect.
– Make sure the start is perfect.
– Hold each position for just a moment longer (where applicable).

Do this and see how great your workout is.

I think you’ll also see how much less of a workout you need.

Speaking of, there’s one modification of the ballistic exercises
that you can do which will give you one heckuva workout
and clean up your technique too boot.

Know what it is?

You sure?

Maybe we’ll talk about that next time… ;-)

Talk soon.


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