Do This Finisher TODAY To Prepare For Stuffing Tomorrow… [2 WORKOUTS INSIDE]

Are you ready for the Big Day tomorrow?

I’m not.

Still too much stuff to do.

You might feel the same way, and so be tempted to blow
off your workout.

That would be a BIG mistake.



1. You’ll miss the opportunity to create a “caloric vacuum”
a big fat caloric deficit that you can fill tomorrow – guilt free –
with all your favorite Turkey Day Treats.

2. All the craziness this time of year creates STRESS
A short, quick, intense workout will release ENDORPHINS,
which will help you feel almost instantly better.

(Normally I’m NOT a big advocate of doing this, but
there’s a time and a place for almost everything. Plus,
you have to know the rules in order to break them, right?)

3. Avoid the guilt that comes from not doing what you
know you should.
You and I both know we’re going to
pound it tomorrow. And we both know that we want to
FULLY enjoy it.

The best way to do that is to simply “get ‘er done.”

Make sure you do one of these two SUPER-QUICK
workouts to help you create that “caloric vacuum” -

One’s bodyweight and one’s kettlebell – your choice –
in case you don’t have access to your KBs.


This is one is a “golden oldie” – I used to use it with my

Jumping Jacks       x 30
X-Country Skiers   x 30
Squat Thrusts         x 10
Squat Jumps          x 10s

Do this 3 to 5 times with 60-90s rest between sets.

That’ll get your “furnace” cranking.

Now, I know that you may not be able to do Squat Thrust
or Squat Jumps due to “iffy” knees or lower back.

No Problem-O.

Just sub in Walkouts or Walkouts with a Push Up for
Squat Thrusts and Side Lunges with a Reach to the
Floor for the Squat Jumps. Same number of reps on
both – 10 each.

(A Walkout is where you bend over, put your hands on
the floor and “walk out” on your hands until you are in
a push up position. When you keep your body straight
it works your abzz over really nicely.)


Now, if you have a KB available, do the following Finisher:


The “Get Up, Stand Up”

(Thanks to Chris Lopez, SFG2 for this one, part of his
“KB Finishers” program.)

– Use a Snatch Test size KB (if possible)
– Perform as a circuit, no rest between sets

Get-Up to Sit-Up Left Side x 5
Full Get-Up Left Side x 1
Get-Up to Sit-Up Right Side x 5
Full Get-Up Right Side x 1
Snatch Left x 10
Snatch Right x 10

– Rest 90s between
– Perform 2-4 rounds
– If you can’t Snatch, do 1H Swings

These are quick workouts that will jack up your metabolism
so you can eat your face off tomorrow – guilt free.

In fact, I’m a big believer of using this strategy this time of
year as part of your “Post Season” plan.

The best part is, you can do these types of quick Finisher
workouts 3-5 times a week – in as little as 7 minutes a day
and still maintain what you gained over the previous 11

In fact, you can even come out “ahead of the game” and
primed for really locking in on and achieving your goals
in the new year.

However, do yourself a favor:

Don’t waste your time trying to come up with these Finishers
on your own – your time is way too valuable this time of
year for that.

There are meals to be made, gifts to be bought, plays and
performances to attend, and family to spend time with…

Instead – get “Done For You” KB Finishers from my very
good friend, Chris Lopez, SFG 2.

(He’s one of the “good guys” who really understands how
the kettlebell should be used – NOT one of those hucksters
hawking an aerobics class or “crunch-fest” while holding
a KB and doing “moves”… Shoot – makes me mad just
writing about those…)

He’s got 33 different Kettlebell Finishers you can use
for the rest of the year to maintain what you’ve already
gained and truly ENJOY your holidays.

Get your copy here.

Here’s one of the best things about using the Finishers:

While everyone else is hobnobbing at the office and
Holiday parties complaining that they just don’t “understand
why they ‘seem’ to be gaining weight” –

You can comfortably smile, nod, and eat an extra sugar
cookie, knowing that you can indulge guilt free.

(Wow, that sounds cocky, doesn’t it? Not meant to be,
just confident. We like “confidence,” right?)

Get 33 “Kettlebell Finishers” Here.

One more thing – in case you’re away the entire weekend
or for any length of time over the Holiday Season, you
probably won’t have immediate access to your KBs.

For normal people – that would present a problem – or
an excuse to slack off.

Not for you because when you get “KB Finishers” today
you’ll also get two different and challenging Bodyweight
Finishers Programs that you can take on the road with you –


Just download them right to your iPad or iWhatever.

(Make sure you save it in “iBooks” so you can come back
to it repeatedly.)

My good friend Mike Whitfield put these together for you.

They’re called, “Bodyweight Dirty Dozen” and “Bodyweight

Will they work for you?

Well Mike lost 105 pounds by incorporating them into his
workouts so, while you most definitely are not going to lose
105 pounds, especially over the Holidays, at the very least
they should keep you from gaining anything.

Plus, if you’ve been on this newsletter for any length of time,
you know that I’m a big advocate in “contrast training” –

Where you change the training stimulus and therefore
speed up your results.

Well if you’ve been using primarily KBs all year long, these
Bodyweight Finishers could really spur some new results
at a time you least expect it.

Wouldn’t that be a nice present to yourself this time of year?

Grab These “Done-For-You” KB and Bodyweight Finishers

And yep, you’re right – there are videos included with “Kettlebell
Finishers” too.

As an extra bonus Chris decided last minute to toss in his
“Kettlebell Essentials” video where he gives you a video
rundown of how to do all the KB exercises the right way –
the SFG way. Pretty cool of him I think.

I’ve gotta run myself – trying to finish everything up before
I induce my food coma tomorrow.

Talk soon.



I can’t believe I almost forgot this:

When you grab your copy of “Kettlebell Finishers” today
I’ll send you a FREEE copy of my new book, “Strength

(Here’s the tentative cover.)

In it, I’ll detail the exact methodology that has me hitting
PR’s (like the one I hit a 845pm last night) with weights
I haven’t touched at a bodyweight this light in almost
15 years.

Like I said – it’s yours FREEE when you grab a copy of
“Kettlebell Finishers” today.

Just send me an email with a copy of your receipt and
write in the subject line: “Geoff – here’s my receipt for
‘Strength Shortcuts’!”

I’ll send it over to you either Friday or Saturday, after my
editor says it’s A-Ok good-to-go. (Picky, she is…)

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