Do This Special “Depletion” Workout TODAY To Prep For Thanksgiving

Hey – real quick – I know there’s a great chance you’re
getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I’m excited.

The smell of turkey and stuffing have been wafting up
to my office all day.

And I’m hungry! :-)

Anyway, this week we’ve been talking about not merely
surviving the Holiday Season like everyone else and
trying to keep the extra pounds at bay –

Rather we’ve been talking about THRIVING – and maybe
even dropping a few.

In that spirit, here’s “THRIVAL” STRATEGY #3:

Use Strategically Timed Depletion Workouts.

What’s a Depletion Workout?

It’s a workout that does 3 things:

1. Depletes your body of stored sugar so the carbs
you eat tomorrow have someplace to go instead of getting
stored as fat.

2. Increases your metabolic rate so you’re burning more
calories than you would normally – up to 20% more for
up to 38 hours.

3. Triggers fat-burning enzymes and fat-burning hormones
so you burn fat more fat than normal for fuel.

Here’s a quick and easy one you should do today to prep
for tomorrow:

Exercise: 2 Hand Swing.

Workout type: Descending Ladders: 20-15-10-5

– Set your timer for 20 minutes.
– Perform as many rounds of the following as possible
in 20 minutes.

20 swings. Rest.
15 swings. Rest.
10 swings. Rest.
5 swings. Rest.

– Rest as necessary.

That’s 50 swings per ladder. If you can do a ladder every
4 minutes, that’s 250 swings during that 20 minute time

That’s a fair amount of work. :-)

Speaking of – The key to making this work is to really use
incomplete rest periods.

Your heart rate should be elevated along with your breathing.

You should rest just long enough to make your Swings crisp
and “snappy.”

If this looks like a “boring” or “easy” depletion workout to you,
don’t worry –

I have 9 others in my Brand New “Kettlebell Secrets Holiday
Survival Guide” that you can (and should) use.

In it, not only will you find 9 other Depletion Workouts,
each relatively simple, but ranging in difficulty from
“dastardly” to “downright diabolical,” –

You’ll also find:

– The best eating and workout strategies to follow when
you know you have a party to go to so you can enjoy it
guilt free…

– The best eating and workout strategies to follow when
you’ve blown it and ate and drank [way] too much at a
party so you can mitigate the damage…

– The best eating and workout “maintenance” strategies to
follow during the Holiday Season so you can enjoy food,
family, and friends stress and guilt free…

The 3 best things about the “Kettlebell Secrets Holiday
Survival Guide” are -

1. It’s only 19 pages long so you can download it now
and be done reading it in the next 15 minutes or so.

2. It’s easy to implement starting right now – Today.

3. Price – As a way to say “thank you” for being a loyal
“Kettlebell Secrets” reader and to wish you a wonderful
Holiday Season -

It’s only $7.

That’s right.

Only $7.

(It’s easily worth $37.)

There is no fancy sales page right now so when you click
on the link below you’ll be taken immediately to the
shopping cart, then to the access page.

Talk soon.


P.S. The reason there are “only” 10 Depletion Workouts in
the “Kettlebell Secrets Holiday Survival Guide” is simple:

Depletion Workouts should not be highly technical.

They should be simple and allow you to focus on producing
a large – very large power output and therefore a very large
amount of work.

That way you can burn a ton of calories without having to
worry too much about your technique.

Of course, different people are different and have different
mastery levels of KB technique – that’s why there’s 10
workouts. They go from “simple” to somewhat “complex.”

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