Do THIS Workout TODAY To Prep For Thanksgiving (EXACT Workout Inside)

Hey – if you’re American like me you’re
probably going to stuff yourself silly
tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

I for one, am looking forward to it.

Here’s a workout that will help you
burn a TON of calories today and STILL

So you can have more “room” for the good
stuff – a.k.a. – PIE!

You’ll need –

1 medium sized KB
*THE WORKOUT* a.k.a –

“Total Body Blast – Push Up Edition”

– set your timer for 20 minutes.
– perform 20 2H Swings, then immediately
– perform 10 Push Ups.
– Rest 1 minute.
– Repeat the cycle 10 times (that’s 20

Why It Works To Burn A Ton Of Calories –

1. You’re using every muscle in your

2. You’re alternating between lower
and upper body exercises – allowing
each to rest than if you performed
sets back to back.

3. This allows for more rest and more
force production which means more work.

4. You’re improving circulation/blood
flow to aid in recovery to do more work.

5. The rest periods are low so you’re
creating a ton of lactic acid which in
turn stimulates growth hormone release –

which in turn signals the brain to start
the fat-burning process.

6. It’s short, so you can put more effort,
both physical and mental into it.

7. Because the effort is so high, you’ll
burn calories long after the workout is
over – creating “space” for a couple of
extra pieces of pie.



“Total Body Blast – Pull Up Edition”

If you want to do something REALLY
challenging and satisfying, you’ll need
a KB and a Pull Up bar.

Here it is –

– Set your timer for 20 minutes.
– Do a set of Chins two reps from failure,
then immediately do
– 20 2H Swings
– Rest 60 seconds.
– Repeat until the 20 minutes are up.

This works for the same reasons as the
previous workout – it’s just harder
because of the Chins.


These two workouts are part of two
programs in my “Kettlebell Express!” book
which is on sale til Midnight tonight.

As you can see, the workouts are short –
very Time Efficient – which

* Helps You Relieve STRESS
* Ensures You Can Get Your Workouts Done
* Allows You To Spend More Time With
Your Family
* Get RESULTS – Leaner. Stronger.

If you’re struggling in any way to get
your workouts in or find something that
doesn’t bore you to death –

Here are 49 Different KB Programs.

Get your copy now while you still can -
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Think of it as an early present to
yourself (And because you’ll be happier
it’s for your family too!)

Talk soon.


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P.P.S. Even if you’re not celebrating
the US’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, these
workouts will still work for you.

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