Do You Have More Than One KB? If So, You’ll Want To Read This…

The beauty of KB training is that originally we thought we only “needed” one kettlebell.

Maybe you started with a 16kg or an 8kg.

Or maybe like me, you got the “Starter Set” – the 4kg, 8kg, 16kg, 24kg, and 32kg.

(LOVED that!)

However, like me, you soon discovered that you outgrew your kettlebell(s) and wanted more.


Because you can do more with more.


Of course.

That’s one of the great things about the New Year –

It’s a time to hit the “reset” button and start over –

To get “more” or do it “better” than you did the year before.

Last week, we covered the concepts necessary for doing it “better”than we’ve been doing it.

We covered:

[+] “Getting” v. “Losing” and Winning

[+] We destroyed the “Diet & Exercise” lie

[+] We covered the power of FOCUS and our words to shape our futures

[+] We looked at the 3 Most Important Questions to ask yourself in 2016

And –

[+] We covered the 17 “Mountaintop” Lessons for achieving your goals this year


That was A LOT!

You should be ready to go this year.

Which gets us back to the “more than 1 kettlebell” thing… If you have a clean bill of health –

You know, know orthopedic injuries – like shoulders, knees, lower back or hips – that sort of thing –

And you want to strip off gobs of body fat in short order using nothing but a pair of kettlebells, then you want to use this.

It never fails.

However –

If you have some “issues” that you know you should “fix” that have been keeping you from getting those results you know you want –

And don’t we all want the same thing?



Better Conditioned…

And to be in “better shape” and the confidence that comes with that feeling…

Then you need to use these 4 Phases to get you there.

Stay Strong.


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