Do You Know These KB “Basics?” [VIDEO]

The difference, it’s said, between a novice and an expert
is that an expert continues to practice the basics.

Novices, are continually distracted by bright, shiny objects.

I think it’s good practice to devote parts of the year to go
back to the “beginning” and revisit and refine the basics.

For some, this is the perfect time of year to to learn “new”

What are “new” basics?

Think of them as stepping stones to get to that next level.

What’s that next level in kettlebell training?

If you’re not already doing them, it’s the double KB lifts.

And, like I said, if you are doing them, now is the perfect
time of year to revisit the basics.

Here’s the most basic of double KB lifts (video).

It’s actually not even a “lift” in the traditional sense of the

It’s actually a drill – something that makes your skill in
performing the lifts that much better.

And, if you ever hope to be good at the double KB lifts –

To get strong, really, really strong, then you better spend

You may have seen this already. No worries – you can and
will still learn something new. Remember, we learn in
“layers” – which means you can read or see something
multiple times and take something new away each time.

Talk soon.


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