Do You “P” In Your Kettlebell Workouts?


Bladder control tips now for KB workouts?

Am I crazy?

Ha Ha! No…

Not that kind of “P!” (Or should I say, “pee?”)

No, I’m talking about a different kind of “P” altogether.

Without it, you’ll get nowhere, fast.

What is it?

I’ll tell you in a second…

But first, have you heard the story about how Thomas
Edison invented the light bulb?

Apparently at one point he had 10,000 failures. When
asked about it, he replied that he didn’t have 10,000 failures
but that he had eliminated 10,000 different ways that wouldn’t
work and was one step closer to finding the solution.

Unfortunately, we live in a society of instant and immediate
gratification so I doubt that very few people could achieve
Edison’s results today.

Unless they knew his secret – how to “P.”

Edison “P”‘d standing. He “P”‘d sitting. He even “P”‘d lying

Apparently, he would even nap during the day and would
“P” then too!

If you haven’t figured out by now, the “P” I’m referring to
is “Perseverance.”

And that’s just not something we talk much about at all
in our fast food culture.

Think about it – when you hear about someone getting
amazing results – say losing 10lbs in 2 weeks or something
like that – aren’t you tempted to stop doing what you’re
doing and do that?

I am. (Only it’s strength related.)

We all are. I think it’s human nature to be distracted by the
promise of “easy” and “fast.”

The truth however is that results – whatever they may be –
generally come slow and steady and are best achieved
by putting one foot in front of the other routinely.

And when you think about it, everything that has ever been
made – any monument erected or mountain climbed – has
been done through perseverance.

So, let me ask you something – are you in this for the long
haul or if your strength “appears” to drop or you “gain”
2 pound are you going to quit?

If you want results, you better not.

But you don’t have to walk your path alone, or in the dark.

You can and should be following a well-traveled path.

One that will keep you going, getting you closer to your
results each and every day – for a long, long time.

One word of warning: Don’t waste your time trying to create
your own path – remember that it’s the trailblazers who
most often get arrows in their backs.

Keep the arrows out of your back by following this well-worn
path for your kettlebell workouts:

Talk soon.


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