Doctor Approved.

Got an email yesterday in response to my “bathroom squat”
email – and surprisingly not in disgust – from my
friend Dr John Sullivan.

I thought I’d pass along these 2 Gold Nuggets from him –

“It [the Squat] also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
so as you get older you won’t have your bladder falling out
if you are a woman and you will avoid prostate problems if
you are a guy, The pelvic floor completely relaxes as we sit
in chairs…” [Brackets mine].

So there you have it –

Ladies – Squat more for more bladder control.

Men – Squat more to keep your prostate healthy.

Take away from Dr John: Squat More. Sit Less.

By the way, Dr John “walks the walk” – he’s pushing 70
and he does SINGLE Leg Squats – Pistols with ease.

Talk soon.


P.S. Oh yeah, Dr John also credits his success to
shorter workouts like these.

“Yo Geoff,
You read my mail or read my mind. We both arrived
at the same conclusion using different info. My goal
of 30 minute workouts to pass the RKC was a godsend.
It forced me to do what you are doing in Express and
Ultra. I have know about the growth hormone thing for
some time.”

P.P.S. Dr John also weighs 130lbs and had to Snatch
a 20kg 80 times in 5 minutes to pass his RKC. Now
he’s using the 24kg. You can experience similar
results by using these workouts.

P.P.P.S. If you live in or near Louisiana, you owe it to
yourself to go see Dr John and let him help you with
your KB training. The man is a WEALTH of knowledge
about the human body.

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