Does This Ever Get In The Way?

Lemme ask you a question:

Have you ever failed?

Of course you have.

In most cases, I’m assuming you survived, since, after all,
you are reading this.

I’ve failed many, many times in the past. More times than
I can count probably.

Looking back at some of those times there was one common
denominator in all those failures.

Do you know what it was?

Before I tell you, let me ask you another question:

How’s your current training program going?

Is it going as well as you’d imagined it when you started

Or are there some speed bumps, hiccups, mild if not major

Are you hitting ALL your workouts or are you skipping one
here and there, every now and then because “something
came up” or you “just didn’t feel like it?”

(Hey, I’m not condemning you here – walked way too many
miles down that road…)

Here’s something you might not know:

The two are related.

How – What’s the deal?

C = Choose To Move Forward Despite Your Circumstances

Look, life happens. Or as some would put it, “feces occurs.”

It’s what we do about it that determines whether you just
coast and survive through life or look back on a life well

Too many times our circumstances get in the way of us
achieving our goals.

Chewed out by the boss?

“I’ll work out tomorrow – I’m need to grab a beer after
work… I deserve it…”

Fight with your husband?

“This chocolate ice cream will make me feel better – it’s
only a couple of spoonfuls…”

Here’s the thing:

Our circumstances are indifferent to our plight to improve
ourselves, our quality of life and our standard of living.

They’re inorganic and unfeeling.

At the end of the day, they don’t matter.

Which is why it’s important we recognize that all we can
do – all you can do – is control your attitude toward your

Your attitude dictates your actions.

And your actions determines your outcome.

And your outcome IS your life.

Now, here’s a little something else I’ve learned the hard
way that ties right in to ignoring your circumstances. In
fact, when you do this it makes it that much easier to
do so –

Think of it as a Bonus “C” –

When times are tough – and circumstances are challenging,
you need to simplify as much as possible.

Eschew Complication.

(He just said “eschew”…  It means “avoid” but more so –
“deliberately go out of your way to avoid” is more like it…)

Your workouts are there to provide relief – a release,
NOT create stress, tension, or overwhelm you.

The more complicated they are, the more likely you are to
feel overwhelmed and either skip part of it or ditch the whole
thing altogether –

Both of which just stack the guilt, regret, and remorse on top
of an already tough situation.

Why do that to yourself?

Make your workouts as simple as possible.

They should give to your life, not detract from it.

That’s why I recommend “big bang for your buck” exercises
like the Double Clean & Press, or the Double Clean & Push
Press, or the Double Clean & Jerk. And if those are too
complicated, dial it all the way back to the Double Swing.

Just one exercise?

You bet.

Why not?

It’s only one thing to do on an otherwise overflowing plate.

It makes that part of your life simple. And easy to complete.

And that task completion will give you the confidence and
strength to tackle all the other stuff going on in your life.

A “funny” thing happens when you choose to move forward
in spite of your circumstances –

And I tell you about it tomorrow.


P.S. You’re probably expecting me to recommend a simple,
uncomplicated “done-for-you” workout.

Ok, I think the best thing you can do for yourself when
circumstances are challenging is a simple program that
delivers – something that is not only simple, but challenging
in a fun sort of way –

Something that helps you feel a sense of accomplishment.

That’s why I recommend the “STRONG!” program inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.
It’s designed to be done with the
Clean & Press, but truth be told you could do it with the
Clean & Push Press or the Clean & Jerk.

The cool part is that the loads wave up and down so you
can do it for almost an entire year (46 weeks) and make
rogress each and every week – on autopilot – with no thought
or emotion involved. Just go in and punch the clock and get out.

One less thing to worry about…

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