“Does This Work The ‘Pilates Muscles’?” (Video Update #4)

I hope you had a great weekend.

We did – too fast.

I was trying to get you a video update on Saturday, but time got away from me. I spent the day with my daughter while my wife took my son to see “Riverdance.”

What a fun time we had together!

The best part was watching her play at the park and helping her across the monkey rings. She’s a little gymnast at heart.

It’s amazing what we can do as kids then lose as adults, isn’t it?

Thank God for kettlebells.

They allow us to use limited and incremental feedback to not only recapture much, if not all of the strength of our youth, but also exceed it.

Assuming your using them correctly.

If not, they’ll destroy you just as fast as any other piece of exercise equipment.

That’s why I felt compelled to shoot “The Big 6” – my new video project just for you on how to safely and correctly perform the “Big 6” single KB lifts –

+ The Swing
+ The Get Up
+ The Goblet Squat
+ The Clean
+ The Press
+ The Snatch

It’s amazing how many people – maybe even you – “think” they know how to perform these exercises properly but don’t.

One of the key overarching themes of this series is that the KB responds to what you tell it to do with your body.

Therefore, the key to learning these lifts correctly is to learn how to put your body in the correct positions to get that KB to do what you want it to do.

And unfortunately, apart from a few DVDs on specific lifts, there isn’t anything on the market that I’m aware of that shows you how to do this.

Speaking of – we were shooting the Get Up part of the series on Friday and Michael, my male “guinea pig” was really aware of some of his muscles working overtime just to hold himself in position –

Hence the wisecrack – “Does this work the ‘Pilates muscles’?”

I was trying hard to maintain my composure.

His point was, he’d never felt those particular muscles –

The muscles of his upper back and shoulders, work the way they were working.

Many of us haven’t because we don’t know how to put our bodies in the correct positions.

No one has taught us because we either haven’t been exposed to the correct information, or we’ve forgotten what we once learned.

And that’s for several reasons:

1. You don’t have access to a KB instructor or a good one.

Let’s face it, just because a person has “SFG” or “RKC” after their name doesn’t mean that they have a full competency of how to teach or perform the KB lifts.

It means they took the cert, and passed the competency tests on that day.

Not every one takes what they learned to heart.

And as “ugly” as that is to say, that’s just the way it is.

2. You don’t feel like paying $50+ per hour to a KB instructor every time you need help with your technique or have questions about your technique.

Look, it’s not that they’re not worth it.

It’s just that you’re not willing to pay that per hour.

I get it.

In this case you need a reference that you can refer back to when you need it.

3. You’ve tried your local KB instructor and were less than impressed.

See #1.

Finally, I talked to my video guy yesterday and we have 45 hours of video to edit!

I think I mentioned this earlier – we have 4 cameras so you can see everything you need to see.

We’ll probably use all 4 cameras – definitely 2 for sure.

Overall, I think we’ll have somewhere between 4 to 6 hours of footage for you.

If that sounds like a lot – it is.

But don’t let it to overwhelm you – you simply watch it in bite-sized pieces.

I’ll let you know once he’s got everything ready to go.

And one more thing –

I said we’d have this ready to go on 3.15.16 due to the delay in filming and the overwhelming file size.

More to come…

Stay Strong,


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