Don’t Be Infected By This Stoopid Fitness Industry Mistake…

I hope you haven’t fallen for this, but chances are better
than good, because it’s all over the fitness landscape.

And it will distract you from making progress at best,
and at worst it will injure you.

What is it?

It’s using “intensity techniques” to “get more out of your

What are intensity techniques?

Well they’re things that are traditionally found in bodybuilding
circles like drop sets, rest-pause, sets, back-off/breakdown
sets, partials, and so on.

Each is intended to “squeeze” more out of your muscles.

Unfortunately, most people can’t even control their
muscles in the first place, let alone squeeze more out of

Sure, these techniques are great for the advanced lifter…

Are you an advanced lifter?

Reminds me of buying a yacht (because I have so many of
them – lol) – if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it

In the same way, if you have to ask the criteria for an advanced
lifter, chances are way better than good that you’re not one.


You can get away with these “intensity techniques” if you’re
young – early 20s – and for awhile if you’re older, but eventually
the chickens will come home to roost and you’ll pick up
an injury.


Because you don’t have the body control or mental discipline
necessary to stop each set when your supposed to.

Sorry, I’m not trying to insult you – just want to point out the
truth so you don’t go “trying these out” and end up with
one of those oh-so-fun chronic injuries that takes like 6
months to get rid of.

(Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt.)

So let me share with you what you should do instead:

Focus on regaining body awareness and control.

Learn how to contract each and every muscle in your body.

The old-time strongman greats used to do this. (And the
current greats still do.)

Then apply this control to your lifts.

It will give you an almost instant strength boost in all your

In fact, Dr Yuri Verkhoshansky, Russian sports scientist
extraordinaire (he’s the “father of plyometrics”) has shown
that pre-tensing a muscle before you lift will increase your
strength by as much as 20%

So why waste time with “intensity techniques” if you’re not
going to get yourself set from the start?

How do you apply this body control to your kettlebell training
so you radically increase your strength levels (and in some
cases IMMEDIATELY increase your strength levels)?

I go into great detail with 6 very specific steps you should
use in your kettlebell workouts inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Each one makes you stronger, safer, and better able to focus
and direct your strength – instead of “leaking” it – like most
people do.

This translates into stronger lifts, faster results, and believe
it or not, a leaner body. (More on how that works later.)

Get this “body control” right and you’ll see faster results,
protect yourself from injury, and not have to worry about whether
or not you’re using the latest, greatest “intensity techniques.”

Learn how to apply “body control” to your kettlebell lifts
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” for faster results by clicking here.

Keeping it simple,


P.S. “Intensity techniques” are fine to do if you’re an advanced
trainee who’s got this “body control” thing down pat and can
apply it to every rep on every set of his/her kettlebell lifting.

However they detract from your ability to recover – which means
you can’t train as frequently.

And that means you can’t practice the “skill of strength” as
often as you need to.

Which means you’re actually robbing yourself of strength gains
you could be making

Instead, practice your skill of strength and master your body
control with the 6 body control steps and the STRONG!
program in “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

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