“Drinking From A Firehose” – KEUR – 10 Hours Left… (Don’t Miss Out)

Just a quick heads up for you that the special sale on
Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded (KEUR) ends at
Midnight PST tonight.

You may be wondering what you can expect from
KEUR… (Don’t make me spell it out again… LOL)

I got an email from Mark Limbaga, SFG who said:

      “Awesome job on ultra reloaded I am once again
       drinking from a firehose.”
Thanks, Mark.

There’s literally 12 years of KB program design in here
combined with 20+ years of strength & conditioning

It’s ALL in here and you can use it to strip off fat or get
stronger… Or BOTH.

Here’s EXACTLY what’s inside:

Beyond The Basics 1: Swing only programs (6)
Beyond The Basics 2: Front Squat only programs (3)
Beyond The Basics 3: Clean only programs (3)
Beyond The Basics 4: Press only programs (2)

Carry On! – An 6-part series of program based on the
most underrated and simplest KB exercises of all time –
The Carries (especially good if you have any upper body

Mix ‘n Match: An 8-part series of programs mixing
Carries in with traditional KB exercises

The REAL Muscle Building Fat-Burner – The Swing may
be a “Fat-Burning Athlete Builder” but this 5-part series
makes the Swing look like a little puppy dog sitting in the

The OLAD 3 – A 4-part series where you focus on training
one lift a day so you can keep your “touch” on your KB

The DKB-SS 8-part series – Now we’re really starting to get
into not only time-efficient but series metabolic demand with
these super-set programs

The A.B. Series – A little 2-parter that shows you how to
avoid overuse injuries by training with bodyweight and KBs

–  The Super Circuit Series – A full 10-part series that shows
you how to get a ton of work done in a short period of time
using circuits – 3, 4, and 5 exercise circuits for creating
a very large fat-burning caloric deficit

The only thing better than circuits of course are…

Killer Combinations – Complexes and Chains: There
are 40 – yes, FORTY different programs in KEUR:

King-Sized Combos – 7 double Snatch-centered complexes
and chains

You Don’t Know Squat – 6 double Front Squat complexes
and chains

Desert Island Delight – 2 Clean + Jerk and Snatch based
complexes and chains

The Olympic – One of my personal favorites – 6 programs
based around the Clean, Press, and FSQ

Massive Back Attack – Boulder Shoulder Combos - The
name says it all.

The “Over My Head” Series – An 8-part series of complexes
based on the overhead lifts – the Press, the Push Press, and
the Jerk

Killer Conditioning Combos – 6 endurance-driven combos
to jack your conditioning levels through the roof

The “In and Out” – 4 variations of arguably the most time
efficient kettlebell program for fat loss, strength, and even
muscle growth with the possible exception of…

The Upper Body Dropper – This doozie uses what I call
“reverse drop sets” which enable you keep on keeping on in
the face of fatigue

This amazing compendium of 100 time-efficient, fat-burning,
strength-building kettlebell programs will keep you not only
entertained for years – probably the rest of your life – it will
also enable you to make consistent progress no matter your
starting point -

Going from “KB Newbie” to “KB Pro” – forging the body
you’ve always wanted but until now, didn’t know how to

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded


These THREE (3) Amazing Bonuses BEFORE Midnight
PST tonight:

BONUS #1: Kettlebell Express! Reloaded – The single KB
version of KEUR – includes ANOTHER 100 time efficient,
fat-burning, strength-building workout programs.

BONUS #2: The Bottom’s Up Videos Series – A video
tutorial on how to do the basic Bottom’s Up KB lifts so you
can “steer” your strength for more power output – which
helps you stay tighter on your lifts – meaning you burn
more calories and get stronger faster.

BONUS #3: The Easy Diet - The name says it all. This
“can’t fail” diet is not only easy, it’s downright enjoyable
because it lets you eat all your favorite foods using 3
PROVEN methods for fat loss all synergistically combined
to work with your life instead of against it.

However, in order to take advantage of this incredible
deal, you have to act today.

This offer is over at MIDNIGHT PST.

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded
AND the THREE Special Bonuses HERE before time
runs out.

Talk soon.


P.S. Remember, this incredible deal is over at MIDNIGHT
PST TONIGHT – NO exceptions.

Don’t miss out.

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded
AND the THREE Special Bonuses HERE.

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