DrJ’s Snatch Strengthening Sequence (TM)

Ok, I have to confess something to you right up front today.

My friend Jack – yeah… well I made that name up – sort of…

Jack is a nickname for John – which is actually his real
name. Dr John. Or “Dr J” for short.

This guy is awesome.

He’s an RKC – over 70, and weighs 130lbs and he’s ripped.

Not only that, he’s STRONG too.

He was telling me the other day that one of his new favorite
exercises is climbing rope – with just his hands (that’s right,
no feet allowed).

But it gets better – he snatches the 24kg 67 times in 5 minutes.

(His RKC standard is 50 in 3 minutes with the 20K, which
he EASILY crushes now.)

Dr J is THE MAN.

And I’m going to share with you the outline of how he continues
to get better with age (besides doing the “Becoming Bulletproof”
drills – which he LOVES.)

He uses progressive overload – very methodical – nothing random.

He doesn’t “work out” – he trains. Which you should be doing if
you want to see the kind of constant and steady improvement
Doc does.

(You do want, that, right??)

So he just starts his Snatch with something he can manage and
then puts himself on a 6 week cycle.

Each week he does the same amount of reps but adds a minute
a week for six weeks.

Then the next cycle he’ll start over and reps or add weight. One
or the other. Simple. Progressive. Overload.

You can do the same – here’s how:

Let’s say you start with 5 minutes.

Each week for 6 weeks you’d add a minute so you’d end up
snatching for 11 minutes. You’d use the same weight and
do the same number of reps every minute.

This is a SMART way to train. It breeds consistency.

And consistency is the KEY to results.

I use a very similar variation to Dr J’s in my 9 week Snatch
specialization program called “King Sized Killer.”

Here’s how it breaks down:

Each week you’ll work out (train) three times for “only” (HA!)
20 minutes. (Yup – that’s right “only” 60 minutes each WEEK.)

In it there are 3 x 3-week phases, built on similar principles
to Dr J’s program.

The only difference is, in the KSK you’ll keep the time
constant – instead you’ll increase not only the volume of
work you can in each workout – and pay attention here –
cause this point is CRUCIAL –

… But also in each SET.

So your ability to handle and tolerate work in each set goes
up along with your ability to do more work overall.

Read that again – cause it’s critical.

Here’s why:

If you can do more work in each set, then you can do more
work overall, cause you don’t have to waste time switching
hands to spare your grip or cause you’re getting tired.

And that’s one of the “tricks” to being able to CRUSH timed
tests – like the 5 minute RKC Snatch Test.

… Just being able to go and rock out the test at a nice pace
without having to worry about losing your grip or switching
hands – you can do it at will.

Speed it up or slow it down – it doesn’t matter – cause YOU
are in CONTROL.

Especially because it breeds mental toughness so you just
OWN that freakin’ kettlebell Baby!

(Man, I’m gettin’ fired up just talking about this stuff – can’t
you tell?)

Breath – deep breath – take a deep breath… Ok… back…

As I was saying – this type of training gives you total control
of the outcome of your timed tests. It’s pretty cool really.

Not only that, but it gives you some really freaky type of strength
that’s hard to explain.

So I won’t try to – just get some yourself with the “King Sized
Killer”. And when you’re done with those 9 weeks, reload
with the “King Sized Killer 2.0″ for another 9 weeks.

Get both here:


Make sure you drop me a line in 18 weeks telling me how you
crushed your timed Snatch Test. You can even brag if you want
and tell me you did it with the next sized bell too – that’d be cool.

Talk soon.


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