Eat Too Much Yesterday? Here’s How To Fix It. [WORKOUT]

I wonder how many people saw that blowout coming?

Yeah, yeah, I know the Seahawks fans will say they did,
but c’mon – that big??

Speaking of “that big” – if you’re feeling a little bit guilty
or a lot guilty from chowing down too much yesterday
this’ll fix it.

You can perform it as a complex or a chain.

What’s the difference you ask?

A Complex is a series of compound exercises performed
sequentially with the same weight and without rest. All the
reps for one exercise are completed before moving on to
the next exercise.

Here’s an example:

Exercise A x5
Exercise B x5
Exercise C x5
Exercise D x5

A Chain is a series of compound exercises performed
sequentially in which each exercise is performed for one
rep before the sequence is started again. Each time the
sequence is performed is considered one repetition.

Here’s an example:

(Exercise A + Exercise B + Exercise C + Exercise D) x5

Interestingly enough, I think the Chains actually burn more


Because of the constantly changing rhythm makes you work
more mentally and because fatigue isn’t localized like it
is in a complex, your force production/output is higher overall.

Ultimately that means more work. And by now, we all know
(or should) that more work performed means more calories
burned. And more calories burned equals less fat on your
body (assuming you get into a negative caloric deficit).

So here’s today’s “Master Plan” –

It’s a two-parter.

Part 1: Food.

Unfortunately, still too many people think they can eat what
they want and still strip off the body fat using KBs. Well that’s
true if “whatever you want” includes mostly lean meats,
veggies, fruits, and all that healthy stuff.

So, whatever the last meal you ate – that was your last
meal for today.

You’re going to fast until approximately the same time
tomorrow and then resume eating.

Don’t worry – you have more than enough calories
in you to survive a measly 24 hour fast.

Part 2: Da Workoutz

Ok, here’s where the complex or chain comes in.

(I strongly recommend if you’re used to doing complexes to
make this a chain. It’ll be more challenging and more
stimulating to your body – a.k.a. – more fat potentially will
be lost.)

Front Squat

Perform the following work with this:

Ladder: (1,2,3,4) x 2

So that’s 1 rep of each. Rest. 2 reps of each. Rest. 3 reps of
each. Rest. 4 reps of each. Rest. Start over at 1 rep.

That may not look like much, but that’s a total of 80 high
quality, high force reps. That’s a fair amount of work. :-)

Rest twice as long as it takes you to complete each complex
or chain. So if it takes you 30 seconds, rest 60 and so on.

Oh yeah, and use a heavier pair of KBs.

Why Jerks And Not Swings?

Let me ask you this: Haven’t you done enough Swings

The more of something you do, the more efficient you’ll
become at it. Efficiency isn’t what you’re looking for when
you’re trying to burn fat.

Therefore, because you’ve done so many Swings, they no
longer have the same effect on your body for burning fat
as they once did.

Plus, putting weight over your head repeatedly is a powerful
metabolic hit.

You’ll be astounded at how challenging explosively jamming
a pair of heavy KBs over your head is.

Your heart rate will definitely get jacked up.

This workout is actually Day 1 in a 6 week program called
“Jerk Werk” found inside “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

It revolves, as the name suggests, revolves around the Jerk,
one of the most explosive and powerful exercises known
to man (or woman).

You can get the whole program – and 39 others – here –
inside “More Kettlebell Muscle.” (Digital Only.)

What if you can’t Jerk?

You can use the Push Press (which is the easy way out
in my opinion – and doesn’t burn as many calories) or –

You can learn and master your Jerk technique by watching
the DVDs in “Kettlebell STRONG!”
(and by reading the

You’ll learn not only the simplest, easiest method for Jerks
(the 3-D Method), you’ll also learn how to overcome the
obstacles holding back your Jerk.

Master the Jerk, and stimulate renewed and faster fat
loss with “Kettlebell STRONG!” and a Hard Copy of
“More Kettlebell Muscle” here.

Talk soon.


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