Effortlessly Program Your Mind For 2014 Success While Enjoying Christmas Cheer


It’s 2 days away.

For most of us, that means last minute shopping trips,
last minute present wrapping, and even last minute
airport pick ups (my parents get in late tonight).

So the LAST thing on your mind is probably 2014 and
your goals for the New Year.

Sure, you *may* have thought about them and then
quickly dismissed them because you have too much to
do and not enough time to do it.

I know how you feel. So much to do here before Wednesday.

That’s why I wanted to share this quick tip that will make
2014 much easier on you with very little if any effort on your

Here it is:

Think about your 2014 goal and re-frame it in a positive

Case in point:

On January 2nd, everyone and their brother wants to “lose

Of course, by January 9th, they’ve failed miserably… Yet again
for the umpteenth year in a row.


Let me ask you this:

How do you feel when you lose something?





And what do you almost always do when you lose something?

That’s right – you go looking for it.

And most of us don’t stop until we’ve found it.

So what do you think is going on inside your subconscious mind
when you try to “lose weight?”

That’s right – your subconscious sabotages you and goes looking
for ways for you to find your weight again.

Sounds almost crazy, I know.

Consider this proverb though –

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Your thoughts determine your actions, and ultimately your

That’s why it’s critically important to get your mind right, to
speak exactly what you want, and think about those things.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Replace the negative short term goal with a specific
positive outcome based experience.

Instead of “I want to lose some weight” say –

“When I’m 20 pounds leaner, my clothes will all fit perfectly, I’ll
be more confident, and I’ll have more energy and more fun.”

Or something along those lines…

It gives your mind a target to focus on and ties emotions
into your goal, which helps your subconscious overcome
anything negative you might have unknowingly programmed
in there.

2. Forget the negative.

Your mind, according to Dr Maxwell Maltz, author of “Psychocybernetics,”
is always “on” and always looking for a target – and it will find it –
be it positive or negative.

So if you don’t actively program the positive outcome you want –
by thinking it and speaking it – then it’ll automatically default
to whatever your dominant thoughts are.

Explains why you have some things in your life you may not
want, huh?

This is so easy to do it’s amazing we don’t do it more often.

You simply repeat out loud to yourself what it is you want and
the best way to make it stick is to actually do it while moving.

Yeah, moving.

We learn best while moving.

So, if getting lean in 2014 is your goal, while you’re wrapping
presents simply say something like the following:

“I’m so glad that 2014 is my year to get 20 pounds leaner,
and get the strong, healthy body I’ve always wanted. I will feel
so much better, gain more respect, have more confidence,
more energy, and be even more productive.”

Pretty simple stuff.

However there are Two Caveats:

Caveat #1:

All the mental programming doesn’t mean a hill of beans if
you get the execution wrong.

For example:

If you keep eating donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and
ice cream for dinner.

You’ll still be fat, and probably get fatter.

So your actions have to match up with your thoughts and your

That means you actually have to BELIEVE what you say –
it has to be YOUR goal – YOUR dream, not someone else’s.

And it has to be anchored to a strong reason “why” you
want to change.

Caveat #2:

You have to follow the right plan.

Look, you workout til you puke if you want, especially since
that’s what many of the “experts” say, but honestly, how’s that
working for you?

Maybe you can work “all out” – how exhausted are you the
rest of the day? And how sore are you the next?

And how’s your motivation to keep on doing that?

(Pretty low I bet. Probably takes a lot of effort to psyche up to
go get “destroyed” – which is probably why you’re taking the
month of December “easy.”

Here’s the right plan – and it’s so incredibly simple you’ll want
to slap your head and say “D’Oh” like Homer Simpson:

(It’s a two phase plan)

Phase 1:

1) Cut the junk food out of your diet, eat primarily proteins
and veggies, and limited amounts of fruit.

This forces your body to feast on stored body fat, making it
feel like it’s virtually melting off.

2) Train for strength first and foremost.

When you train for strength, you use a lot of energy. At the
same time, you still have enough energy to build consistency.

And consistency is the key to any goal – ESPECIALLY when
you’re goal is to get lean.

It’s amazing how well just these two pieces go a long, long
way to strip off that unwanted fat.

(Make sure you’re using a PROVEN strength program that
uses the most energy demanding kettlebell exercises –
like the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.)

Phase 2:

This one is simple:

Go on a specialty fat loss program.

A rapid fat loss program can be 4-8 weeks long, depending
on lean you want to get and how much fat you need to get
rid of.

A moderate fat loss program can be 8-16 weeks long.

Pick whichever suits your personality and your circumstances.

Why am I giving you a plan?

So while you’re wrapping presents, making Christmas dinner,
driving to the airport, not only can you speak your future into
existence, you’re subconscious mind will be at peace because
it’ll know that you have a plan of attack to get the job done.

That way, when everyone else is “trying to lose weight” on
January 2nd, you’ll already have started in the only place that
counts –

Your mind.

Remember the Champion’s Creed:

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.”

Gotta run – last minute stuff to do.

Talk soon.


P.S. There’s a dirty little secret most people who want to “lose
fat” don’t know:

Some of the leanest people in the world are also the strongest.

Like Olympic Weightlifters.

The Good News is you don’t have to buy fancy shoes, get an
Olympic lifting coach to learn the lifts, and buy those multi-colored
bumper plates and find room for them in your garage.

When you follow the “STRONG!” program and eat like I outlined
earlier in this email, you’ll start to look like one of these guys
without having to work to exhaustion or do the “bajillion swing

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here. 

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