Einstein’s Forgotten KB Workouts

Did you know that the arguably the world’s greatest thinker –

Albert Einstein, had a lot to say about KB workouts?

Yeah, I didn’t either.

Truth be told, I don’t know if Einstein ever used KBs, but
if he did, he’d have used them because they are simple to
use, and programs could be kept simple.

What does that mean?

Nothing unnecessary in your workouts – your programming.

When I look at the mainstream fitness media’s attempt to
use KBs it’s the opposite of Einstein’s prescription.

They see how many different exercises they can cram into
an hour (because we all know that in order for a workout to
be truly effective, it MUST be an hour).

Really, they just use the KB like a dumbbell, which is fine,
but that presupposes they know how to use dumbbells.

The Truth is that kettlebell workouts are so efficient because
they are – or should be – so simple.

For example, a rank beginner can make great progress
on “just” a steady diet of Swings.

What do you think 20 minute of “just” swings a day would do
for you?

Try it and see, you might be more than pleasantly surprised.

Someone who’s been using KBs for awhile could make
phenomenal progress on “just” snatches – three times per
week. Again, nothing “more” than “just” 20 minutes.

Never done it? Don’t “poo-poo” it.

The KB Snatch is after all, considered the Tsar (King) of
Kettlebell lifts for it’s unparalleled ability to not only put muscle
on in all the right places, but hack off unwanted body fat
a lightening speed, along with forging a back and grip of

Have a pair of kettlebells? (You should.)

Take on the trusty and time-tested double Clean + Press.

Nothing in my opinion, other than the Snatch, even comes
close to the overall total body benefits of the C+P:

– Rugged and dense muscle mass in all the right places
(Not that bloated, puffy, spray-tanned bodybuilder look)

– Develops a vice-like grip and strong hands – and stronger
grip = stronger body

– Builds strong hips and legs, without extra bulk, so you can
still fit in your clothes

– Carves and tightens your abs, making them rock hard

– Burns calories – especially when you lift heavy – without
having to do “extra cardio” or “MetCon”

Want to learn how to do the Clean + Press correctly so you
don’t injure yourself and so you can maximize your strength,
power, and fat-burning potential?

Get yourself a copy of my 3.5 hour DVD and book, “Kettlebell
STRONG!”. You’ll learn everything you need to know about
the C+P and more (like the other double KB lifts) –

AND – you’ll also get access to the “STRONG!” program,
a simple, Clean + Press program that takes between 20 and
30 minutes 2 to 3 times per week (your choice).

Here’s what else:

Remember I mentioned that doing “just” snatches 3 times
per week for “only” 20 minutes will produce some phenomenal
results in your strength, conditioning, and will help you lose

Order your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” Today and I’ll
immediately send you my 2 best 3 day-a-week “Snatch Only”
programs –

Affectionately (and appropriately) named, the “King-Size

Both are 9 weeks long and have been used by countless
individuals to prepare for the rigors of the StrongFirst and
RKC 3-day kettlebell certifications.

AND – that’s not all.

I’ll also send you my 3 best “Swing Only” KB programs,
all of which can be done in “only” an hour a week.

The first 2 are 26 workouts in length and the 3rd is 27
workouts long.

More than enough to keep you making progress for a
long time to come.

Each of these programs are diabolically and deceptively

I’m 100% certain they’d be “Einstein Approved.”

Get them all today.

Talk soon.


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