Enjoyable AND Incidental Fat Loss…??

Imagine waking up 4 weeks from today 10,15,
maybe even 20 or more pounds lighter.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Oh yeah…

Until you think about how much work and how
many changes you’ll have to make in your life
in order to get there.

The most significant fat loss I ever saw or
made was on a rapid fat loss program. I got
down to about 3% body fat. (Never been there
since – LOL.)

However, the most ENJOYABLE and seemingly
effortless fat loss I ever made was on an
“incidental” fat loss training program.

In fact, the training program was pure strength
and the fat loss “just happened.”

Looking back, it took awhile – 14 months,
which is the exact opposite of “rapid” –

Yet the gains (or is that losses) were the
most enjoyable I ever had.

Seriously – “enjoyable” fat loss.

Think about that for a second or two…

I think that’s what every fat loss program
ultimately should be

Don’t you?


What’s the point of torturing yourself? Which
you probably have to admit, is what most fat
loss programs feel like.

There’s all that “working out” stuff.

And the diet deprivation – can’t eat much of
anything – only “health foods” like lettuce
and other green things.

How do you make your fat loss not only enjoyable
but virtually incidental – something that just
happens without obsessing over your calories
and your workouts?

Well here’s what I did to get down to 192lbs
and comfortably slip on a pair of size 32
board shorts.

My starting weight was somewhere between 215
and 220 pounds.

So that was a loss of between 23-27 pounds.

Here’s what I did:

1. I focused solely and purely on strength

Zero – I mean ZERO metabolic work.

I only worked on my technique and always
focused on maintaining the strictest of form.

All my reps were low. Super low. Lazily low.

And my workouts were mercifully short.

Usually no more than 30 minutes at a pop.

Sometimes shorter.

2. I practiced Intermittent Fasting.

Quite simply, I didn’t eat for most of the
day, then I ate A LOT at the end of the day.

Sure, it wasn’t junk, but good, clean, whole
foods – the stuff we all know we’re supposed
to eat but are just too lazy too.

3. I incorporated a weekly cheat day.

… Which is exactly what it sounds like. I ate
whatever I wanted in whatever quantity I wanted.

(#2 and 3 are outlined in detail inside The
Permanent Weight Loss Solution.)

4. I walked every day.

Every morning I’d get up early and take my dog
for a 20-30 minute walk.

On weekends, I took one long walk – sometimes
up to 2 hours, either with the dog, or my
son in the backpack, or both.

Walking is great because it helped me focus
and do a lot of thinking and reduced a lot of


Although it might seem time-consuming, my
productivity directly increased as a result
of this time investment.

So you might be wondering by now, why did I
choose the “long road” instead of the rapid
approach – especially since I had my best ever
results in the past using “rapid?”

Because the “rapid” approach was just too
much for me.

I didn’t have the emotional energy nor could
my body handle it at the time.

“Rapid” would’ve been too much stress both
physically and psychologically and would’ve
destroyed me.

And so it might be for you.

You might be struggling with losing fat.

You might have tried fat loss programs – maybe
even one of mine – and failed.

Don’t worry – and don’t stay upset – and don’t
give up.

Here’s how you turn it around starting today:

1. Be realistic about what you CAN do.

Not necessarily what you think you can do.

Most of us build up “best case scenarios” in
our heads of what our programs should be, only
to fail miserably.

2. Focus on what is easy – and what can be
done consistently.

Consistency is KEY for fat loss.

And that’s why most people fail – they’re
inconsistent – either in working out, or
eating, or not eating, as the case may be.

And the KEY to being CONSISTENT is to be
able to be HONEST with yourself.

What can you do and more importantly –

What WILL you do?

(This is why “rapid” fails for so many people –
they just can’t bring themselves to do what’s
necessary to get the results they want.)

3. Get on the right program.

What is the “right” program?

– It’s the one that hits all the biggest body

– It’s the one that consumes the most amount
of calories in the least amount of time for
the amount of work you’re willing to do.

– It’s the one that fits in your schedule without
making you feel uneasy about making the time
to get it done. (Usually shorter the better.)

So at the end of the day, it’s the one that
you’ll actually do.

That’s why I think you’ll LOVE “Kettlebell

The workouts focus on the double KB clean +
press –

Arguably the single best exercise for hitting
just about every muscle group in your body as
well as subtly taxing your cardiovascular
system when the reps are high enough.

That means you’ll get strong and burn some calories –
incidentally burning fat in the process.

And, the workouts are relatively short – right
around 20 minutes – give or take a few.

Not only that, the best part of “Kettlebell
STRONG!” is how powerful you’ll feel both during
and after you’ve done your workouts – regardless
of whether you’re a man or a woman.

The workouts just make you feel good all over.

And you know what that means?

They’re actually ENJOYABLE.

And that means you’ll actually do them –


And that means you’ll finally see the results –
the changes in your body you’ve been dreaming about.

So what if it’s not “rapid?”

It’s enjoyable.

And it’s incidental.

You don’t even have to focus that hard on it.

The fat loss just kinda “happens.”

What a nice change that will be.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” – the
most enjoyable incidental fat loss program ever.

Talk soon.


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