EPIC Fail (A True Non-Hollywood KB Story)

I thought long and hard about writing this story,
cause I didn’t want to embarrass the person it’s
about. But I guess it’s fine cause I’m not going to
name names. (Unlike the Hollywood tabloid

However, there’s still a chance it could backfire
on me, so as they say in showbiz, “here goes

I recently got an email from an unhappy customer
regarding “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”.

(No, this isn’t a plug for EXTREME!, so relax…)

Here was the email:

“Only lost 1 pound the first week. Why?”

That was it.

No “Hey Geoff…” or “thanks for helping me
figure this out…” No signature. Nothing.

Then without even waiting for me to respond,
he got his refund.

(I responded anyway cause that’s just the kind of
guy I am.)

As far as I’m concerned this is a classic example
of an EPIC FAIL.

Here’s why:

Because this guy will never know what he COULD
HAVE achieved.

He only did the program for one week.

That’s it.

And in his mind he’s thinking, “I did that program
and it sucked – only lost a pound the first week.”


He didn’t do the program.

He did ONE week of the program.

He never completed the program. So he’ll never
know what kind of results he could have had.

In other words: He quit.

For most things in life, especially processes, one
week is not enough time to pass judgment on
how the process works.

At least not when it comes to seeing results in
your body.

Here’s how I know that to be true:

When I first did the program that led to “EXTREME!”
I lost a ton of fat in the first week. Most of what I
wanted to lose in fact.

Fast forward 15 years: When I did “EXTREME!” as
I wrote it, I saw very little change the first 2 weeks.

Then everything snowballed and I ended up losing
about 9 pounds of fat the last 2 weeks and the week
AFTER I was done with the program.

The body is funny.

And no two bodies respond exactly the same way.

Sure, we see trends and patterns and that leads
to repeatable and relatively predictable results.

(As an aside, I had another customer email me saying
the weight wasn’t coming off as fast as he expected.
I told him what I had experienced and what others
had experienced too.

And I encouraged him to stay the course. Sure
enough, 10 days later I got another email from saying
that, yup, indeed, he was seeing the same pattern
I had – delayed fat loss. And he was glad he’d stuck
with it.)

In fact, the same body won’t respond exactly the
same way to the same program when it’s repeated.

It may have a similar response, but not the exact one.

At least not from what I’ve seen over the past 23

But one thing I can tell you is that most people
experience the EPIC FAIL when it comes to their


Cause like this customer, they’re impatient and want
to see results yesterday.

They don’t understand that this whole workout thing

And processes take time.

It’s like agriculture.

You plant seeds.

And you wait. (Sometimes you have to do really hard
things like add water. In other words, maintenance.)

Then at the appropriate time, you reap your harvest.

Notice the three things you have to do:

1. Plant.

That means you actually have to do something.

2. Wait. (And maintain.)

That means you have to not do something after
you did your first thing – there’s stuff going on that
you can’t see and that’s beyond your control.

3. Reap.

This is the part where you see the results of the
first two parts.

In agriculture, reaping is actually an activity.

With the body, the activity usually just occurs.

If you don’t do those 3 things – if you don’t understand
that this is a PROCESS, you will forever be chasing
the “best” program for whatever your goal is.
* Side note: This is especially prevalent with people
looking to make “body transformations” – getting
stronger, losing fat, or building muscle.
Back to the Process Thing:

You know what else I’ve noticed is a process?

There really is a “best” way to accomplish any and
all of your physical training goals.

And it’s found (for non-competitive athletes) in a
simple 4 stage cycle.

You can read about it here:


And one thing is guaranteed:

When you actually follow this cycle – especially the
way I’ve laid this out as a process – not only will you
NOT be and epic fail, but you’ll experience some of –
if not the best results of your life.

(I also guarantee you won’t be in one of those
skanky Hollywood tabloids either.)

So avoid Epic Failure and check this out here:


Gotta run. Processes to take care of. Waiting
to be done. Results to be reaped.


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