Espresso, Cigarettes, And Kettlebells

Yesterday I started sharing with you the reason for my
success – knowing and learning from “The Cuban” –
my weightlifting coach – Alfonso Duran.

Every Saturday from 1996 to 2000, I’d make a 2 hour
round trip (even when I was short gas money) up the
NJ Turnpike and spend from 9am to 6pm with Al – just
learning from him.

He was Yoda, I was a Luke Skywalker – only I was 80lbs
more muscular and not as whiny. ;-)

One of my favorite things was watching Al smoke cigarettes
all day long and drink Cuban Espresso – which is like
regular espresso – only stronger – and loaded with sugar.

He’d also fast all day long.

I was amazed because the current trend at that time was
to eat 5-6 small meals a day, which I fully embraced.

I thought it was impossible to become strong by not
eating like a baby all day long. After all, that’s what
the “best” were doing…

But Al was saying all the things researchers are now
discovering about fasting.

I’m not going to tell you about the benefits of fasting
but I want to share with you the #3 SECRET I learned
from Al –


See, Al, just for grins and giggles, on his 50th birthday
walked over to a bar loaded with 315lbs and deadlifted it
for 10 sets of 10. (He only weighed 190lbs and has a bad

No warm up either.


*Because he believed he could.*

He didn’t need 5-6 meals a day to sustain his energy,
despite what conventional workout wisdom of the day
was saying.

And that’s the key – that’s the mindset you need to have
in order to be a success – to see results with your
kettlebell workouts.

Remember, even Luke Skywalker – the one who brought
balance to the Force – struggled with mindset.

What he needed was a Yoda to help direct his mind and his
training. (Remember the Swamp scenes in “Empire Strikes

What I needed from Al, and Luke needed from Yoda, and
you also need, is someone who’s walked before you and
knows the way.

That’s 80% of the battle when dealing with Mindset.

Certainty of success is much more certain when someone
is modeling, or coaching you along the way.

This will help you get a grip with your mindset and
ensure your kettlebell workouts are more successful.

Back tomorrow with Secrets #4 – On “Pacing”, #5 – On
Lifting to Failure (not what you think at all), and
#6 – Why grinds are bad (could it be that the “Party”
is wrong?).

Talk soon.


P.S. Seriously, all Star Wars analogies aside, when
you’re not seeing the long term results you are expecting
from you kettlebell workouts, it’s time to do something
different –

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