EXACT Carbs To Eat And STILL Lose Fat

Real quick –

You know you can eat carbs – sometimes lots of carbs –
and still lose fat, right?

Here’s how you do it – you have to eat the RIGHT carbs
at the RIGHT times.

But first, here are the WRONG carbs to eat – in fact these
will almost guarantee you’ll get fat.

– sodas
– fruit juices
– chips
– cookies
– pretzels
– crackers
– breads (except sprouted)
– any processed foods
– baked goods

That list is obviously not extensive, but it’s a start and there’s
a lot covered under “processed foods” which is basically
anything that comes in a box, bag, or wrapper.

Ok, now how about the carbs you CAN eat?

Well some of this may be “old hat” to you yet you may find
yourself surprised at some of the carbs on the list.

– potatoes
– sweet potatoes
– beans
– rice
– chick peas
– bulgur
– quinoa

Yeah, potatoes and rice – thought those were supposed to
be “no-no’s”.

As long as you stick to brown rice most of the time you’ll
be fine. (I’ll eat white rice post workout for the insulin release
but the jury’s still out as to the results – just tinkering…)

Ok, cool – but let me ask you a question –

What’s the best way then to eat these carbs?

Well, you’d combine them with protein and some veggies.

But that’s not what I mean when I say the “best” way.

Because honestly, you have to figure out which proteins
and which vegetables and so on and so forth.

And really, that can be a time-consuming pain in the butt.

And I’m betting you’re not like me – I can eat the same
plain ol’ things day in and day out for literally years.

Heck, my clients used to make fun of me when I used to
eat tuna, rice, and salsa every day.

And let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced life it’s hard to eat
healthy – to create delicious meals that are not only good
for you but the whole family.

Who’s got the time or energy anymore to sit down and

figure out how to do that?

(Not me.)

That’s why I recommend getting a cook book – and a set
of “done-for-you” meal plans, like my friend Dave’s
“Metabolic Cooking.”

They take the thinking and guesswork out of which and
how many carbs to eat and more importantly –

How to actually prepare your food so it not only helps you
lose fat, but tastes good too

Here’s what I like about Dave’s “Metabolic Cooking:”

There are 250 delicious recipes (I no longer eat tuna
and rice and salsa anymore – I’ve turned into somewhat
of a food snob…), including:

— red meat, chicken & poultry, pork, fish & seafood,
vegetarian, breakfasts, snacks, smoothies, and
most importantly where the carbs are – sides

He shows you how to manage your kitchen, your meal
preparation, and your budget
– to save you time and more
importantly, money by providing you with his own personal
shopping lists (that makes life easier)

You’ll learn how to effortlessly create your own

individualized fat loss menus (so you’re not stuck eating
tuna and rice like I was) – simply mix and match the protein
recipes and the sides – everything is written out for you to the
last ounce

You’ll also discover how to use spices to not only make
your food taste delicious
, so you’ll actually want to eat
healthy – and here’s the best part – you’ll actually learn
which spices to use to speed up your fat loss

When you want to learn how to incorporate carbs into
your diet/ eating plan to start losing fat or better yet –
faster fat loss and get off the boring ol’ ultra low carb
bandwagon, check out Dave’s “Metabolic Cooking” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Dave’s menus are lifesavers if you’re busy running
around with kids and whatnot. They’re easy to follow
and quick to make so you don’t have to choose between
eating healthy or eating what’s convenient.

Grab them here.

P.P.S. Almost forgot about the right times to eat those
carbs – don’t worry, we’ll cover that in the next couple of

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