F_______ – The 2nd SECRET To Getting LEAN & STRONG W/ KBs

I got some amazing feedback from yesterday’s email –
people thanking me for the those valuable insights – and
how it was exactly what they needed to hear yesterday.

Apparently, the summer “doldrums” are in full swing.

Today I wanted to look at “secret #2″ and how it determines
whether you succeed or fail with your KB workouts.

It’s really a guiding light – almost as much as yesterday’s.

But it compounds what you learned yesterday, because
yesterday’s secret alone won’t get you totally where you
want to go.

I described it as “almost inevitable.”

Note the “almost.”

You’ll need the other 4 secrets that we’ll be discussing
this week to make it “inevitable” – a forgone conclusion.

Today I wanted to talk about something that many people
see as controversial.

They associate it with “religion” – and indeed it’s “found”
inside religion – but non-religious people use this every
day too.

So really, whether you view it as religious or not is a
moot point, because in many areas of your life you’re
already using this.

What in the wide-wide-world of sports am I talking about?


What is faith?

It’s nothing more than a belief.

I think the best definition I’ve read about faith so far is this

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and the certainty
of things unseen.”

Pretty good definition, right?

I think so. (I certainly can’t do any better. You’re welcome to
try but I think you have better things to do with your time…)

See, having a vision isn’t good enough to reach your goals –

It’s not good enough to imagine yourself leaner…

… to imagine yourself stronger…

… and all the thoughts and feelings associated with
achieving those outcomes.


You must KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that these
things – your vision – what you imagine – WILL happen.

Take a look a that quote again –

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for…”

What are the things you’re hoping for?

Well that’s all the thoughts and words that you wrote down
yesterday in the action step associated with your vision.

Your vision – what you can imagine – is your hope.

So first of all faith is the fact that you are 100% certain
that you will achieve what you set your mind to achieving.

All that begs a question:

What if you’re not 100% certain that you can achieve your

Great question.

That brings us to the two kinds of faith –

     1. Internal

2. External

Internal is a belief that you have what it takes – that there
are certain factors within your control that you can control
and will control that will help you achieve your vision.

External is a belief in something other than yourself. It can
be a process, a person, or in the case of religion – God.

It’s something that assists you in the process of reaching
your vision – of turning your imagination into reality.

The bottom line on faith is this – it’s all based on Trust.

And when you use your Faith – your ability to trust what’s
unseen – to have the “certainty of things unseen” – along
with what you’ll learn tomorrow, it makes your vision of
your accomplishments one step closer to reality.

All this brings up a very good point –

Isn’t walking by faith risky?

On the surface it certainly seems to be. After all, you can’t
see what’s happening with your eyes.

But it’s not really.

We ALL live by faith every day of our lives.

See, most people, probably even you, have forgotten that
faith is actually a part of one of the many Laws of Nature

And it’s not surprising – and no one can blame us – you –

Because we no longer live in an agrarian society – a
society dominated by farming.

We live in a technologically advanced and technology
dominated society where everything happens literally
instantaneously – at the push of a button.

But for all of human existence – with the exception of the
last 150 years with the discovery of electricity – this hasn’t
been the case.

Faith is nothing more than a part of the Law of the Harvest –

The Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Even our iPhones and computers obey this law – they have
to – it’s a LAW. :-)

Seriously, you push a button to make a demand, and in a
certain period of time – usually a fraction of a second – your
demand is satisfied.

However small that amount of time is, it’s still time.

There is still a waiting period – no matter how small – before
you get your desire fulfilled.

As mentioned earlier, the problem is, in this modern age,
we are used to having our desires fulfilled almost

This explains our fascination, our compulsion, and our
seemingly endless demand for weight loss pills – or indeed
pills of any kind that promise to “instantly” remove any
sort of “pain” we may be dealing with –

Whether headache or the pain of embarrassment of
carrying an extra 20 pounds, which by the way, is nothing
more than the fulfillment of the Law of the Harvest.

(You repeatedly ate more than you needed and your body
had to store it somewhere…)

So what exactly is the Law of Sowing and Reaping?

There are 3 parts to this Natural Law:

1. You will always reap what you sow.

When a farmer plants corn, he expects to get corn, not apples.

And in fact, that’s exactly what happens.

When you “plant” or “sow” certain thoughts, words, or
actions – you reap the natural harvest of those actions.

For example, if you think or say that you are weak, well
guess what? Don’t be surprised when you can’t press
half your bodyweight, even though you may have been
training to do so.

Another example – If you constantly look in the mirror and
say to yourself, “I’m fat” – don’t be surprised when you
remain fat, despite your “best” efforts to become otherwise.

(We saw yesterday that the subconscious doesn’t “see”

2. There is always time – a waiting period – between the
sowing and the reaping.

College or high school or even military basic training
are the best examples here. And I don’t think they need
an explanation.

However, when many of us pick up our kettlebells and
start swinging them, we are severely disappointed because
we didn’t magically lose 10 pounds the first week using

We are not respecting the Law of the Harvest.

3. You will not only reap what you sow, but you will
reap more than you sow.

This seems to astound people – including me in the past.

One seed yields more than just one seed – it yields up to
hundreds more seeds inside it’s “fruit” once it’s germinated.

We have forgotten that.

Think about it for a minute –

When you tell yourself “I’m fat” – those 2 little words cause
a ton of physical and emotional “fruit.”

– decreased self-confidence
– increased anxiety
– decreased productivity
– increased health problems – both mental and physical –
including depression and diabetes (in the long term)
– and so much more…

And many of those behaviors perpetuate themselves –
like mini self-fulfilling prophecies.

The opposite is also true:

When focusing on getting lean using our KBs, sure, we’ll
be more likely to achieve our results by framing our vision
in a positive light – we’ll receive that leaner body almost
for sure.

But we will also receive things not prepared for or not
necessarily immediately desired –

– increased health and vitality (energy)
– increased self-confidence
– increased productivity
– increased physical attractiveness to/from spouse / and

And so on…

You get the point.

See, you operate in and by faith every day.

So why should your KB training – your desire to be leaner

and / or stronger be any different?

One of reasons you may have failed to achieve your goals
so far is simply because you haven’t understood what faith
is all about.

Now that you do, and now that you know that it’s 100%
necessary for you to reach your goals, here’s your action


Pull out your Vision from yesterday.

Today, simply write down the following under your vision:

“My vision will take time to become reality. It is the Law of
the Harvest.

I choose to believe that it not only will happen but IS happening
as I take the appropriate steps to make it so, regardless of
what I see going on around me.”

And repeat it each time (daily) when you read your vision
to yourself.

Pretty simple, eh?

Which brings us to the next point –

There’s something so very simple that many of us forget
that determines whether or not we get what we want
from our KB workouts.

In fact, it’s “forehead-slappingly simple.”

What is it?

We’ll discuss that tomorrow.

Talk then.


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