“Fancy-Schmancy” Hi-Tech KB Workouts?

I’m not a big fan of technology.

I understand the necessity of it and for the most part, I
take as much advantage of it as I can or need to.

But last night was an incredibly frustrating experience.

Right around 4:30pm my wireless went out.

No big deal – I’ll just unplug the modem like I always do,
making sure all the wires were unplugged, leaving them
out for a full minute, just to make sure the system resets



No big deal I thought – just a minor service interruption.

So I went for a walk with my family – put the kids in their
big red Radio Flyer wagon (that was the first time!) and
took them over to the local high school so we could watch
the marching band since my son is so into music.

We came home and nope, still no wireless.

So after putting the kids down, running errands, and finally
eating a late dinner, I finally called tech support, after
spending 10 minutes with an online chat guy who could
only reset my account password.

(Interestingly enough, I had to actually do a google search
for their number, since it was nowhere to be found on the
cable company’s main website. Nice.)

45 minutes later, after the tech guy, who was pretty cool,
trouble-shot everything, he diagnosed that the modem
was bad.

So I now have to plan another hour out of my day today
to run down to the cable store and pick up a new modem.


So this whole technology thing, which is supposed to save
me time and energy, is actually costing me 2 hours of my
very valuable time that I should be spending on something

Not so with your KBs.

They’re only slightly more technologically advanced than
a rock.

And that’s what makes them so special.

No moving parts.

No bolts holding them together.

Just a chunk o’ iron with a handle.

Pick it up. Put it down. Drop it. (Not on concrete though.)

Swing it. Snatch it. Press it.

Stop when tired. Repeat.

Pretty pretty simple.

Getting results with KBs is pretty simple too.

Just do a little more than you did the last time you used

It’s called “Progressive Overload.”

Once you’ve got your single KB technique down, I think
the best way to use progressive overload is to use a pair
of KBs.


Because two is more than one.

Duh. ;-)

And, your results are only limited by your skill using them.

Swing ‘em.

Clean ‘em.

Press ‘em.

That’s my favorite.

Clean + Press.

Pick ‘em up. Put ‘em over your head.

Put ‘em back down.

Or swing ‘em back under your legs and re-clean ‘em.

Your choice.

Both work.

Very, very well.

For what?

Man (or woman), for practically any goal you choose.


Arguably nothing better.


Yup. Just start decreasing your rest time. (And/or learn
how to Jerk.)

Fat loss?

Very much so. Cut back on your calories a tad and watch
your pants get looser and the chub start to fall off.

Don’t know how to use a pair of KBs or want to learn the
correct way to perform your Clean + Presses?

That’s why I created “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn through video and book (very low tech) the
fastest, safest, simplest techniques for double KB training,
which means you get results fast.


You’ll get two very low tech – not “fancy-schmancy” – but
very high powered training programs you can use with
your KBs.

The “STRONG!” program is for your Clean + Presses
(although people have used other exercises, like the Front
Squat and Clean + Jerks) and –

The “One” program – a hardcore conditioning program
revolving around the Double Swing.

Both will get you phenomenal results without leaving you
on hold with tech support for 45 minutes.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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