Fastest Way To Press The Beast (Controversial)

I have to give you fair warning – what
you’re about to read is controversial –
maybe even inflammatory.

But I’m not writing just to be “controversial”
but because this is something I feel
strongly about.

So hold your breath and let’s go…

Here it is:

Too many kettlebell users are weak.

Too weak.

There, I said it.

If your feathers just got ruffled – good.

I want them ruffled – its for your own good.

Before I explain, I want you to know something
really important.

If you’re weaker than you think you should be
it’s not your fault.

Somehow, the message you’ve received is
different than the message that was originally
sent out from “HQ.”

That message is that you can be STRONG!


In fact, if you’re a guy reading this, it
should be a goal of yours to press the
Beast – the 48kg KB.

And if you’re a woman, your goal should
be to be able to press the 24kg KB – the
lady’s equivalent to the Beast.

Pressing the Beast is not that big of a

(I have a female client who easily presses
the 24kg for reps. She started at the 8kg…)

However, you may have gotten side-tracked
with the overwhelming amount of noise in
the industry lately with all this talk about

And you may, looking back, have found that
you now “move well” but are weaker than
you were or want to be.

Never forget the following –

Movement is good, STRONG movement is much

With that in mind –
The Fastest Way To Press The Beast
It’s simple.

Get your WHOLE body stronger.

Don’t just and only focus on the Press.

Sure, that’s one way – the SLOW way.

And let’s face it, if you’ve been doing
it that way and still haven’t gotten
there, well, then, it’s time you
investigate a different approach.

One simple way to get your whole body
stronger is to start pressing two

That’s because the amount of tension
necessary to press a pair of kettlebells
is greater than the amount to press a
single bell.

Let’s say you’re currently pressing
a 32kg for ladders. That’s only 32kg
of “stimulus” to produce the change
in your body.

If you started pressing a pair of 24’s,
then the total stimulus for change on
your body would now be 48kg.

That’s an extra 16kg.

Now imagine when you move up to a pair
of 32’s for your Double Presses.

Now your stimulus is 64kg – 16kg MORE
than you need to press the Beast.

Now you’re getting stronger – way stronger
than if you were only messing around
with that single kettlebell.

Make sense?

And of course, there are more exercises
to include in your program to make your
whole body stronger.

(I’m thinking of one right now that’s often
overlooked and routinely despised…)
The Fastest Way To Make Your Whole Body
… is to learn how to perform ALL the
Double Kettlebell exercises safely and

… including getting the all the

… AND learning how to APPLY those
shortcuts to your body’s needs.

… And the BEST way to do that is to

That’s why I’m running this year’s only*
“Kettlebell Muscle” Workshop on Saturday,
March 24th.

Here’s the info you need to sign up before
all the spaces are taken.

If you want to be stronger than you are
now you owe it to yourself to be there.

Or you can keep going on your current

Be Stronger,


P.S. Almost forgot – the Early Bird
registration deadline is Feb. 25th. You
can save 10% by getting in early.

P.P.S. Speaking of “movement” – stick
around Sunday, Feb. 26th and I’ll show
you EXACTLY what I did to “fix” my hips
and get my bodyweight Pistols – something
I’ve NEVER revealed before.

*This is the only “Kettlebell Muscle”
Workshop I have scheduled this year – I’m
limiting my travel so I can stay home and
be with my son.

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