“Fat, Drunk, And Stupid…”

You may remember the 1978 classic, Animal House and the shenanigans of the lovable Delta house brothers.

“Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!”
– Bluto


Another classic line was from Dean Wormer when he’s talking to Bluto, Hoover, and Flounder and says to Flounder –

“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son.”

Neither is fat, weak, and sick.

Unfortunately, that characterizes the majority of America.

And I blame the modern fitness industry.

Let me explain:

The modern fitness industry STILL has it all wrong.

And for whatever reason, they pride themselves on being wrong.

And the “wronger” you tell them they are, the more they dig their heels in.

(Sounds like many of our politicians. But I digress…)

For example:

I read an article yesterday about a new fitness trend called Orange Theory.

It’s a group based exercise program focused on rapid fat loss.

Problem is, they do it by running on treadmills, pulling on rowers, oh, and then, they lift some puny weights.

But the main thing is that they stay in the “orange zone” – or the “anaerobic zone” – for 12-20 minutes of the whole hour.

(I’ve written at length before about the problems with hour-long workouts and fat loss.)

I love it when “experts” glom onto one little piece of info,twist it, and then dogmatically use it out of context.

Here’s how wrong they are:

According to research done by Dr’s William Evans and Erwin Rosenberg in their book, Biomarkers*, about longevity, the top two reasons people age faster and end up in care facilities –

(Read: Nursing homes where they wipe your butt cause you’re too weak to do it yourself.)

#1: Loss of lean muscle mass

#2: Loss of strength

You know where “aerobic capacity” was on that list?

(You can sub in “fitness” for “aerobic capacity” if you wish.)


Right behind body fat percentage at #4.

So, the cure for modern America, and the West in general?

The same thing that doctors recommend to fight the loss of lean muscle mass (also known as “sarcopenia”) –

Strength Training.


Not building an “aerobic base.”

Not training your “anaerobic fitness” by staying in the “orange zone.”





That’s how you extend the “prime” of your life from between the years of 18 and 35 into your 70s.

(At age 70, Jack LaLanne, swam 1 mile handcuffed, shackled, fighting strong winds and currents, towing 70 rowboats, one with several guests, from the Queen’s Way Bridge in Long Beach Harbor, to the Queen Mary.)

Getting stronger – being able to do more work, is how you build muscle mass.

To help you not be like the average American (or even Westerner), I’ve put my flagship product, Kettlebell STRONG! on sale.

But the sale is over today at Midnight PST.

Go here to reserve your copy.

Talk soon.


*Thanks to my very good friend, Mark Reifkind, for referring me to this book.

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