Feeling Fat And Bloated? This Workout Will Fix It… (Post-Turkey Day Calorie Blasting Workout Inside)

Hope you stuffed yourself silly yesterday.

I almost did.

Our son didn’t eat too much though. And what he
did ate came up later – egg allergy – and daddy
fed him cheesecake – which we all forgot had
eggs in it.

Since I’m guessing you didn’t get rid of your
calories the same way our son did, you’ll need
another way to keep from storing all that excess
stuffing, as, well – stuffing.

(I know, I know, I WAS going to send you to the
next video in our double KB series, but I’m sure
you’ve got other things on your mind –

Like how full you still are or the Black Friday
sales –

So we’ll save that video for next week, cool?)

So back to the task at hand.

Since your tank is full, so-to-speak, you’ll have
plenty of energy, so you can not only burn a ton
of calories with this one workout that one of my
clients did this morning:

(In case you really feel like you need to do more
than the last workout I sent you for Post-Turkey
Day or you didn’t get a Pre-Turkey Day workout in.)

A. Double Clean + Press – 2,3,5
– ladders
– use a 7-8 rep max
– work: rest = 1:1

Get 60 reps.

(About 15-20 minutes.)

B. 2H Swings
– sets of 20
– work: rest = 1:2

Get 100 reps.

(About 7.5 minutes.)

C. A. Double Clean + Press – 2,3,5
– ladders
– use a 7-8 rep max
– work: rest = 1:1

Get 40 reps.

(About 10 minutes.)

That was a total of 300 reps.

100 Cleans.
100 Presses.
100 Swings.

Total work time: Approx. 37 minutes.

He was cooked and he felt great.

Not only did he burn a ton of calories during his
workout, he’ll be burning them the rest of the day.

It’ll do the same for you.

Now, don’t go abusing this type of workout.

It’s very “dense.”

There were a lot of reps done in a very short period
of time for a specific reason.

Don’t plan on making these types of workouts your
“bread and butter” workouts.

They’re just too demanding to do all the time.

And probably too long to be consistent with, once
you factor in warm ups and cool downs. (55 minutes
this morning.)

Instead, for best results, use shorter workouts –
20-30 minutes tops, three times per week.

Especially this time of year when you’re all stressed
out rushing around for the holidays.

You’ll get the best results when you use the workouts
that are found inside “Kettlebell Express!”.


They’re short, sweet, and to the point.

And best of all, not only will they fit into the busiest of
schedules, you’ll see results.

So instead of gaining the average 8 pounds most
Americans do this time of year, stay zeroed out or even
lose a few with the programs found inside “Kettlebell


Talk soon.


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