Final Piece Of The Rapid Fat Loss Puzzle (Are You Missing This?)

Hope you had a great Easter.

We did.

Got this email from John Kastner after he did that last
workout I sent you:

“Just finished this. OK, it was half an hour ago. Still
trying to catch my breath.”

THAT my friend is why so many people go on a fat loss
program and don’t get the results their looking for.

See, your workouts have to be strenuous enough that
you are still breathing hard when you’re done.

That’s called EPOC – Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen
Consumption – is the fancy “scientifical” term.

You might have heard it called “The Afterburn Effect.”

It’s a result of getting the 3 Step Formula for Rapid Fat
Loss right –

IE + ET + LA = RFL

And when you do it correctly, you can, according the
science, burn 20% more calories above your normal
daily rate for almost two whole days.

Powerful stuff.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have heard of this “Afterburn
Effect” but few actually experience this “magical” place.

Why not?

Because they use the wrong loading patterns – their
workouts are the wrong duration, they use the wrong
weights, and the don’t put out enough effort.

(Plus, and here’s the worst part of all – there’s no continuity
in their fat loss programming – they hop from WOD to

Here’s how you KNOW you’re “afterburners” are

– You finish a workout and you feel like you stirred up
dust in your lungs

– You, like John, have a hard time catching your breath
after your workout

And my personal favorite:

– You take your post workout shower and you’re still
sweating. (This is the tell-tale sign you’ve achieved EPOC.)

Now here’s the really cool part:

Tomorrow I’m going to hand you the best “Afterburn”
programs I’ve ever created when I release “More Kettlebell

Not only that, but I *might* even have a surprise or two
for you that will help you maximize all the fat-burning
power of the Afterburn Effect and speed up your fat loss
just in time for the “Big Reveal” this Memorial Day.

So keep your eyes on your inbox.

Talk soon.


P.S. When you truly experience EPOC – you’ll know
it. The fat will feel like it’s literally sliding off your

It’s a pretty cool feeling.

And the best part, when you do this right – combined
with the right undereating plan – which I’ll give you
inside “More Kettlebell Muscle” – you literally will
see changes in your body fat on a daily basis.

And that’s pretty cool too. :-)

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