Finally – Scientifically Proven – Shorter Workouts BETTER For Fat Loss

I know what you’re thinking – sounds too good to be true.

But in a recent study done on Danish men published in
the American Journal of Physiology, discovered that
30 minute workouts worked better for fat loss than the
traditional 60 minute workouts.

Before you say “No way!” – check out their findings:

The 60 minute group lost an average of 8.4 pounds of
fat mass and 6.0 pounds of body weight. (They burned
600 calories per workout.)

The 30 minute group lost an average of 8.8 pounds of
fat mass 7.9 pounds of body weight. (They burned 300
calories per workout.)

Soooo… What’s that tell you?

1. Fat loss isn’t JUST about energy balance – how many
calories you can burn.

And –

2. You can work out for HALF the time and still lose more
fat than traditional longer kettlebell workouts.


Well before I give you my take, here’s what the researchers
postulated –

The best they could come up with is that there were some
kind of “compensations” but they couldn’t say for sure.

The bottom line: They didn’t know.

Well, I’ve got a better than pretty good idea –

Stress hormones.

Workouts are stress. Bad stress to your body.

And when you’re already mildly stressed or really stressed
from life, then you just can’t recover from your workouts
and you are actually increasing your stress hormones –
cortisol and adrenaline.

These contribute to fat gain – especially around your

Shorter workouts help you burn more fat by balancing your
stress hormones.

I’ve been saying it for almost a year now – here’s where
you learn exactly how to fix this problem:

Talk soon.


P.S. Imagine cutting your kettlebell workouts IN HALF and
actually starting to lose fat. Crazy sounding, but now we
actually have some more science to prove it.

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