Fix the Top 5 common “issues” that limit your KB workouts

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this email should not be taken as medical advice. If you have pain or loss of function, make sure you get cleared by your physician.

I’ve been doing this – training others – for a long time.

It wasn’t until 1997/98 that I started to think there was more to training than the squat, bench, press, deadlift, and the Olympic lifts.

(And track and field work of course. Of course!)

I started to learn that the body is truly a series of inter-connected parts, and that just because you have an issue (or active pain) in one area, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem in that area.

For example. the hip can refer pain to the knee.

Another example – when I was a strength coach we had a softball pitcher come in to the strength room with a rotator cuff issue from pitching “too much.”

Problem was, she was set to play for the British National Team that summer – and summer was 6 weeks away.

The athletic training staff were isolating her rotator cuff, making her do those useless internal / external soup can-rubber band exercises.

From what I’d learned about the body’s kinetic chains, we left the shoulder alone and focused on her abs, hips, and legs.

I also recommended to her that she stop the soup can – rubber band exercises because they were keeping her in pain and her pitches weren’t getting any faster or more accurate. In fact, just the opposite was happening.

The result?

Her shoulder healed up, her accuracy returned, and she increased the speed of her pitches.

(As a “thank you,” she drew a nice picture of my wife and I which I still have on my dresser.)

Likewise, there things that are tight, stiff, sore, or just plain ol’ don’t work the way they should in your body that keep you from experiencing the results –

The strength gains – and even the fat loss –

That you’ve been expecting.

Here are the Top 5 most common problems and some areas that should be addressed to remedy them.

1. Chronically tight lower back.

Tight hip flexors, weak abs – especially the “Inner Unit.”

2. Sore / stiff knees.

Immobile ankles, immobile hips, tight hip flexors, weak abs, stiff feet, tight/weak pelvic floor.

3. Tight hips.

Weak abs – especially the “Inner Unit,” stiff thoracic spine, poor posture, tight/weak pelvic floor.

4. Immobile / tight / stiff shoulders.

Poor posture. Tight thoracic spine. Weak abs – especially the “Inner Unit.”

5. Tight / sore / stiff neck

Poor posture.

Again, these issues rob you of your results.

Failing to address them is like giving a thief access to your bank accounts.

You keep putting money in (working out), and he keeps stealing from you (lack of desired results).

And around and around the cycle goes.

You work out.

You feel pretty good.

Then you don’t.



Want to escape this vicious cycle?

(“No…. Let me keep banging my head against the wall…”)

Here’s your ticket out.

Talk soon.


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