Flabbergasted. (Jaws Drop Open With New PRs…)

It’s funny, how changing the way you do
just ONE thing makes such a HUGE
difference to your outcome.

I remember when I started changing
the way I was lifting my KBs – it was a
couple of years ago.

The way I was taught was just hurting

My left shoulder wasn’t happy.

Although I was strong, I wondered why I
never seemed to get any stronger.

It seemed like I was working against
myself. (Maybe you know what I mean.)

Sure, some of that had to do with my
injuries, but once I cleared those hurdles
I was still struggling.

Then I decided to go back to my roots –

Stop being falling in step with the “Party
Line” and do what I’ve always done –

My own thing.

That’s when everything changed.

(I guess you could say that part of it had
to do with the birth of my son and being
there for him.)

I knew the results were real when I actually
lost bodyweight, but was able to lift more.

Lots more.

I was really flabbergasted.

Flabbergasted that I had deferred my
intuition to others instead of doing what
I sensed to be true all along.

What’s really “funny” is how many people
experience this same “flabbergasted-ness”
when I show them this stuff.

That’s why almost everyone who attends my
seminars hits “PRs” – even seasoned instructors
– not just regular kettlebell users.

Like Cabell and Manh the owners of Richmond
KB Club – who experienced PRs hoisting heavy
bells over their heads on Saturday at the double
KB seminar I taught.

Not to mention Mary who used some of these
concepts to PR in her double press –
going from a pair of 26’s to a pair of 35s.

Or Liz, who said that she’d been struggling
with shoulder issues and that there was
no way before today that she could’ve pressed
the 18’s…

And that’s why I spent most of yesterday
finishing up those videos I’ve been making
for you.

Because I want you to experience the same
kind of results.

I want you to not only achieve PRs –
but understand how to set yourself up to
do so repeatedly –

So it’s not “luck” but the result of a process
a predictable and proven process.

(It was really cool shooting them – one of my
very good friends helped me out and even
though he’s a seasoned KB user, you could
see BIG changes in the videos.)

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about those later.

In the meantime, make sure you check out
the video I sent you at the end of last week –


If you haven’t seen it – go watch it.

Your future success in kettlebell training
could very well hinge upon how well
you understand what I’m showing in it –

ESPECIALLY if you’re using or going to
use doubles – which is where the SERIOUS
results in KB training are to be found.

In other words – if you want to get stronger
watch the video.

If you want to lose fat – watch the video.

If you want to improve your conditioning –
watch the video.

If you already have – cool – I’d still go watch
it again because if you’re like most people,
you probably missed a few things.

(How many times have you watched your
favorite movie and picked up on something
you missed before…?)


Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on when those
new videos will be ready for you – should be
sometime in the next 2 weeks or so…

Talk soon.


P.S. You may be wondering how to apply the
info in the video into a workout.

No problem – just use the “You Don’t Know
Squat” programs inside “Kettlebell
Express! ULTRA”. (There are 6 of them.)

You can get your copy here at a 30% discount
for a little while longer (no salespage – just
straight to the shopping cart).


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