Food That RELIEVES Stress AND Helps You Burn Fat??

Pop quiz for you:

Do you know the 2 foods that people crave when they’re stressed out?

Give up?

Bet you really do know this one.


And –


Salty or Sweet, right?

A bag of pretzels or a chocolate candy bar.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been under extreme amounts of stress lately, primarily from not sleeping.

From a week ago last Friday to last Saturday – an 8 day period – I only got 4 nights of sleep.


Just awful.

It made for an interesting day on Saturday, I can tell you.

After my presentation on Saturday morning, I could barely keep my eyes open.

So I went and took a nap that afternoon.

I rarely nap.

And when I got home?



Worse –

My eyes have been hurting, I could barely stay awake driving home at full noon Monday and Tuesday.

I even had to take another nap on Monday!

The worst part?

My appetite.

It’s been off the charts.

Especially today.

I have three go-to foods during these types of events that help me mitigate the effects of stress

Which typically are –

1) losing muscle and

2) gaining fat

I think you’d benefit from them too.

What are they?

1. Coffee


Doesn’t coffee tap out your adrenal glands when you drink too much?


And only when you drink too much over long periods of time.

The magnesium in coffee helps fight stress, plus as a guy, it keeps the ol’ T levels up.

2. Gelatin

Yeah, strange, I know.

It has 4 amino acids in it – proline, hyrdoxyproline, alanine, and glycine –

All of which protect the function of your cells.

3. [Himalayan Pink] Salt





Because increasing salt when your stressed out actually decreases the functioning of you’re already over-worked sympathetic nervous system.

In other words –

On a physiological level, salt helps de-stress you.

You may be wondering how I put all this together.

It’s very simple.

I outline it completely in “The 24 Hour Diet” –

Which technically I’ve renamed “The 24 Hour Diet Solution.”

However, I’ve been too busy lately to get one of those new fancy covers with the new name on it.

That’s why I’m practically giving it away for only $9.

So if you’ve been stressed out lately –

That’s probably the #1 reason you can’t get rid of body fat.

That’s why I recommend you get yourself a copy of “The 24 Hour Diet (Solution)” –

I’ll show you how to alleviate stress AND strip off body fat in the process.

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Get your copy of “The 24 Hour Diet (Solution)” here.

























Stay Strong (and Stress-Free).


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