Food V. Kettlebells? (The Unvarnished Truth)

I was talking to a friend yesterday about “cheat days” and
how much we enjoy them.

“Cheat Days” if you’re not familiar with the term, are days
you go off a sound, healthy eating plan and eat whatever
the heck you want.

That’s right – WHATEVER you want.

Now, there’s a method to this madness and you have to
be very strategic in doing this, otherwise you’ll end up
looking like a tub of butter.

They are usually used in the context of a fat loss program.

Which brings me to the point of this email –

Just how important is food for fat loss?

Most experts agree that it accounts for 80 to 90% of your

Read that again.

80 to 90% of your results.

That means that no matter how hard or long or “intense”
you swing or snatch your kettlebell, if you’re eating isn’t
close to being on point –

You’re still going to hold on to that unwanted stuff around
your middle.

That’s the good news.

You at least know where you should direct the majority of
your energy.

The Bad News?

Most of the food – especially the “healthy” food we’re eating –

Or rather –

We’re being brainwashed into eating –

Is actually sabotaging our results.

How so?

Because much of the so-called “healthy” food actually is
keeping you fat – it messes with your hormones.

It actually promotes fat-storage instead of fat loss because
it is “manufactured” and “engineered” instead of real food.

Here are a couple of examples:

Low-fat yogurt: Although typically low in calories, many low-
fat yogurts are filled with sucralose. Studies have shown that
artificial sweeteners destroy the healthy bacteria in your
gut that aid in digestion and actually INCREASE food

Nice, huh?

Not to mention that low-fat yogurt typically has traces of
antibiotics and the rBGH growth hormone in it – again – the
antibiotics destroy your healthy gut bacteria and the rBGH
disrupts your fat burning hormones.

Whole wheat bread: C’mon, who doesn’t like bread? No
one ever.

However, many whole wheat breads contain high fructose
corn syrup (a sweetener) and vegetable oil, both of which
interfere with your fat burning hormones.

In fact, some wheat breads have been shown to produce
insulin spikes – insulin is your storage hormone that can
promote fat gain – higher than 2 tablespoons of table sugar.

Perfect. Just what we need.

Again, these are just TWO of the “healthy” foods that are
being marketed to us by the Food Industry.

Personally, we eat non-flavored Greek yogurt and buy
either sprouted bread, or the local artisan bread when
we want a treat.

I recommend you do the same.

The Unvarnished Truth is, Food is Big Money.

It’s an industry and it’s supported by the government.

Both of those things right there should make you pause in
your tracks because that means there’s money – big, BIG
money involved in the development and sale of food.

Gone are the days (but they are slowly returning) when
everything was made fresh and grown locally and you could
get it all in your neighborhood.

And because there’s Big Money at stake in Big Food, these
companies are forever looking at ways to increase their
profit margins.

Now I’m all for profit, but NOT at the expense of the consumer.

It’s like peeing in the water cooler.

It’s dumb and hurts everyone in the long run.

They engineer foods to make them hyper palatable to us,
creating a desire, a craving for more.

(This is usually done through various additives, including
artificial sweeteners, sugar, and salt.)

And that’s why you get those late night cravings and have
that “can’t eat just one” sensation.

The point is, most of the foods that you buy at the supermarket
that are supposed to be healthy for you aren’t.

And that explains why many times, as hard as you try, and
as “good” as you think you’re being with your diet –

You’re fighting a losing battle.

The deck is literally stacked against you.

That’s why I recommend you get my buddy Nick’s “Truth
About Fat Burning Foods.” 

It’ll show you which foods to buy and which foods to avoid –

Without having to resort to wallet-busting organic food route.

At a whopping $19 and it will show you how to avoid getting
scammed by the food industry and teach you which foods
really burn fat and which keep it stuck on you like the proverbial
monkey on your back.

(Yes, I have a copy and yes, I use it.)

So, if you think you’ve been eating “healthy,” been faithfully
swinging, snatching and getting up with your kettlebells, and still
aren’t getting the results you want –

Chances are you’ve been unkowingly getting scammed by
the Food Industry.

Get “The Truth About Fat Burning Foods” today and get even
with Big Food.

Talk soon.


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