For Men Only…

I just wanted to write a personal note to you.

Do you want 6-pack abs?

Yeah, me too, but only at certain times of the year.

Quite honestly, there are other more important things
to me right now.

Like having the energy to play with my son and do it pain-free.

Or loving my wife the way she wants to and deserves to be
loved – which, at this point, includes “picking up the slack”
because she’s feeling less-than-good from being pregnant
and doing extra chores and whatnot around the house to
help her out.

Or spending both quantity and quality time with them both
on the weekends – doing my best to be present.

(I don’t always get it right.)

I’m not perfect.

Heck, who is?

But I just want to make the most of the time I have with my
family. I want to be healthy and strong.

Maybe you do too.

That’s why I have a weightlifting coach.

He writes my programs.

One less thing for me to be responsible for.

He texts me my workouts, I text him back the results. And that’s
how we roll.

I don’t think about it.

I just do it.

And then I reap the results.

Now I’m not suggesting that you and I do this.

Quite honestly, I don’t have the time.

You can however do something similar.

I sent an email out yesterday about an email I got from Pierre.

He is using “Kettlebell STRONG!” to achieve his goals – high
quality family time. To be a better man and father.

In case you missed it – here’s some of what he said – it bears
repeating (I’ve emphasized the ideas that stood out
to me):

“Sure, Kettlebell Strong won’t give me abs of steel in 4 weeks
like the other programs (ha!). I’ve realized that isn’t the goal,
though. The goal is to be headed in the right direction more
often than not
. And that applies to most things in life. the
goal is to be consistent in my training. With KBS, I’m finally
able to fit a workout into my busy schedule that I like (I’ll
admit that I dream about it at night). It’s simple but devastatingly

effective. My body is more “solid” than its ever been. I can
better manage the constant squatting of having a toddler.

I can hit the floor, play with my kids, then get back up without
using my hands, like a ninja.
My posture has improved. My biceps
are growing while my waistline is shrinking.
If I miss a workout
one week, that’s cool, it’ll just take me an extra day to reach
my goal. I’m taking the long view. What’s the rush?”

Did you catch all that?

Without focusing or obsessing over it, he’s getting what he wanted
anyway – bigger “gunz”and a smaller waist.

And more importantly, a happier, more fulfilled life at home.

It’s just the inevitable outcome of a proven process.

The funny thing is that I got a bunch of emails yesterday from
“Kettlebell STRONG!” customers who reported exactly the same

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not “Kettlebell
STRONG!” will help you out, it comes with a 60-day money-back
guarantee. I encourage you to invest in yourself and become
the man you want to be. “Kettlebell STRONG!” will help you get

Invest in yourself today for a stronger future. I’ve got your

Gotta run – have a strong day, my friend!


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