Hey MAN – this email is just for you.

I wanted to have a little heart-to-heart with you.

See, I think you’re selling yourself short.

Now before you get all defensive and stuff I want you to know why
I think that –

Because I was selling myself short.

And since we’re both men, and we all face the same trials and
temptations, I figure we’ve both been walking the same road.

However, I cut through the woods and got on a different path
– the one we all want to get on.

What the HECK am I talking about?

The Road To True Manhood.

See, unfortunately, we live in a country, a world of sissification.

Men can no longer speak or act plainly. Their words have to be
couched in double-speak or gobbledygook for fear of offending
someone and being reported to the PC police.

The radical feminists tried to turn us into girls and spurned us for
being who we are – Men.

Sure, we didn’t always get things right, but most of us did the best
we could with what we knew how to do.

And things got done.

And we could proudly look in the mirror at the end of the day and
know that we did what we had to do…

… and equally as important, we had what it takes to get stuff done –
the stuff that HAD to be done – the stuff that helped define us as

Know what I mean?

And part of being a man is taking care of your family – NO MATTER

And part of taking care of your family is TAKING CARE OF

Cause you can’t give your strength and energy to them when you
don’t have any to give.

You can’t invest in their lives if your fat, injured, and sitting on the

I learned this the hard way – kept hurting my stinking hip trying to
achieve temporary glory in the sport of weightlifting.

Then I’d get pissed and it’d affect my relationship with my wife.

Plus I couldn’t do fun stuff with her cause I was either always training
or hurt. Not good for a marriage. Definitely not good when you have

So when we found out we were pregnant with our first child, I quit
training for weightlifting cold turkey.

I’d had enough.

I was being a boy. Peter Pan. Time to grow up.

You may not be training for weightlifting or to compete in a strength
or power sport or any sport at all.

But you are (or should be) training for life.

You are the Man your kids should look up to.

You are the Man your wife should respect and love.

You are the Man other guys wish they could be.

Be that Man.

Stop doing the things you want to do or “feel like” doing and
do the things you should – like doing the right workout for your

If you’re working out and you’re in pain and grinding through,
you’re not tough, you’re stupid. Just like I was.

Why? Cause NO ONE CARES but you.

You don’t get any points for that, man. You just get more locked
up and more angry cause you can’t do what you want to do.

So do something else – put your kettlebell, barbell, whatever
down and do what I did –

Work on mastering your bodyweight.

Yeah, spend some time working out with just your bodyweight.

Work on putting on some muscle with just your bodyweight.

You’ll get stronger. Your joints will feel better. You’ll most likely
reduce some of that pain you’re feeling. And you’ll be happier.

My buddy Zach has been through what I went through and
what you’re most likely going through.

He manned up and did what had to be done.

After realizing the absolute and utter futility of training heavy
through and around injuries, he quit. Instead, he created a
workout system that allowed him to make progress and heal
during the process.

More importantly, it allowed him to regain his energy and his
strength so he had it to invest where it counts most – his family.

It’s called “Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets” and it’s a 16 week
bodyweight training program based on the training philosophies
of Pavel and Louie Simmons – two great men in the field of
strength and conditioning.

I’ve had many requests for a bodyweight training program from
my subscribers, but haven’t had time to put one together. So I
asked Zach to do me a favor and give his program to the men on
my list at a discount.

Grab your copy at the link below.

If you’re wondering if working with your bodyweight will get you
strong or if it’ll be enough of a challenge for you – lemme ask you
this –

How many Handstand Push Ups can you do? Against the wall or
better yet – free standing in the middle of the floor or outside?

And if you don’t think those make you strong – you should know
that back in the day when Men competed in the sport of weightlifting
and the Press was still contested – the Handstand Push Up was
considered a valuable exercise for increasing overhead strength.

So grab yourself a copy of “Beyond Bodybuilding Secrets” and
spend some time mastering your bodyweight at the link below:

You’re family is counting on you.

Be the MAN you know you can be.


P.S. Just in case you’re wondering if I’m still doing the whole
bodyweight thing – yes, I am.

Last night’s training started with some Handstand Push Ups,
then I moved on to the rings where I did Pull Ups to my sternum
supersetted with wide grip L-Sit Dips.

I couldn’t do any of that stuff when I was Olympic lifting – I was
too weak.

Beat the weakness out of your body like I did by getting Zach’s
“Beyond Bodybuilding Secrets” at a discount by clicking the
link below.

P.P.S. REAL Men are decisive. They take action. Zach’s discounted
offer is good only until Midnight tomorrow.

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