For Those Who Need More Than “Simple” KB Workouts… (And How You’d Know)

I hope you got yesterday’s email where I encouraged you to remember that at it’s heart, KB training should be simple.

… Like short, hard 1-3 exercise programs that enable you to accomplish your goals and make you better at participating in your life.

So here’s a question –

What happens when they’re not?

What happens when your gains are slow to non-existent with your KB workouts?

No appreciable or measurable success AND –

You’re still using the simple.

But going nowhere.

What then?

First, let me give you an example from my background – Olympic weightlifting.

The sport that contests the lifting of a barbell overhead in 2 main lifts – the Snatch and the Clean + Jerk. Very similar to the KB Snatch and the KB Clean + Jerk.

In Oly lifting, there are 2 main schools of thought –

Russian and Bulgarian.

The Russian system uses a variety of specialized exercises that are based on parts of the whole –

The main lifts – Snatch, Clean, Jerk.

These are called assistance exercises and are usually prescribed based on the athletes’ weaknesses.

For example, the lifter can’t get under the bar in the Snatch, then maybe his coach identified he’s missing explosiveness in the second pull – the pull from the knee to the hip.

So he prescribes snatch pulls from above the knee.

Stuff like that.

By contrast, the Bulgarian system only has the lifter work on the competitive lifts and maybe one or two assistance exercises.

So the lifter would do LOTS of Snatches, Cleans, and Jerks. And Front Squats for assistance work.

And that’s IT.

ONLY those lifts.

Which school is right?

They both are.

Both have produced world record holders and Olympic Gold Medalists.

However, the Bulgarian school is notorious for burningout and injuring lifters. It is truly an “only the strong survive” approach to lifting.

And over the long term, the lifters who use the Russian approach have greater longevity in the sport.

(And also seem to get popped less frequently by the sport’s governing body for drugs.)

What’s this have to do with you?

You may have to find alternative exercises – special or assistance exercises that aid or boost your main lifts.

“I thought you said kettlebell training is supposed to be simple!”

I did.

“Supposed to be” are the operative words.

The body – your body – is not so simple.

It is however, relatively predictable though.

For example, your lower back gets sore after Swings. You’ve been stretching your hip flexors (for what seems like forever) before your workouts, but it doesn’t seem to help.

That’s because you need some specialized assistance exercises to eliminate your weaknesses.

Where do you find such things?

Well that, my friend, is simple.

Here’s the best way to understand how the process works and how it applies to you.

Talk soon.


P.S. Funny how we all think we’re “special.”

Then when we find out just how “special” we are –

It turned out to be not the kind of “special” we thought.


Know what I mean?

If you’re struggling to make progress from simple KB workouts, you need some “special” workouts to help you do what you want to do.

Here’s where you get them.

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