For Women Who Want To Improve Their Presses (Or Train For SFG2)

I know, pretty specific subject line today.

But you know what?

Women should be STRONG too!

And I think this is a great question by Lisa K., who wants
to know specifically –

“4 weeks ago I passed my snatch test and became SFG 1.  My thoughts immediately turned to SFG 2. I want to  improve my press and increase my press weight, as I’ve been told by my coach that I am strong enough to press more than I’m currently pressing. I still struggle with finding the correct “groove” for my press and, as a result, I don’t think I’m using the strength in my butt, my legs, my core, my lats efficiently and effectively. Thoughts, suggestions?”

Thanks, Lisa.

I do have specific thoughts.

First, here’s the simplest press groove you can have –

I teach this at my “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshops and people are floored by not only it’s simplicity but it’s effectiveness.

Do you remember geometry?

What’s the shortest distance between 2 points?

It’s not a trick question, I promise.

It’s a straight line.

Therefore, press in a straight line.

From Point A – the rack – to Point B – overhead.

Just press your KB thinking about moving the KB in a straight line.

Yes, it’s THAT effective, as simple as it may sound.

And it eliminates a lot of the confusion – if not all of the confusion with the press groove.

Now of course, everything else should be dialed in first.

What’s the “everything else?”

It’s the “using your legs, butt, and core” that you’re concerned about.

Essentially, you have to turn your body into a Pillar – Or as people learn in the “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshops –

A Pillar of Power.

You have to learn how to stay tight while pressing.

And that takes practice using a very specific sequence.

Here’s just one part of the 6-step sequence I use:

Squeeze your gluts as tight as possible when you press.

Think of your gluts as a seat. Sit on the seat and press from there.

For many, just this one thing will make the Press fly up. It probably will for you too.

I cover the other 5 Pillar of Power Principles in my “Kettlebell STRONG!” 3.5 hour, 2 DVD set.

It’s the first thing you’ll learn how to do.

Having a stronger Press takes body control and mastery.

And that comes from learning the Pillar of Power and then practicing it until it becomes routine.

Here’s where you learn it and then get stronger.

Talk soon.


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