FOR YOU – My NEW Book!

Gotta quick question for you:

Did you ever pretend you were a super-hero when you
were a kid?

I did.

My dad was in the Air Force so I was “Super Sergeant!”

I wore a mask, and a cape that was pinned together at
the neck with my Dad’s insignia pin. I’d run around, jump
off my jungle gym, and pretend to fly.

Good times.

Fast forward 30 years and I was feeling anything but “super.”

I was constantly doing this mobility drill or that trying to
overcome the results of a lower back injury, cartilage damage
in both hips and my right knee, and 20+ years of chronic
bilateral knee pain.

And no matter how much mobility work I did, or how much
money I spent going deeper into “the system,” I never
got fixed.

Then in early 2010, I started “bulletproofing” – using the
resets in “Becoming Bulletproof” – that would later go
on to become “Original Strength.”

OS worked great!

No more pain. GREATLY Improved Function.

Low back got fixed, hips worked great, and bilateral
knee pain disappeared.

However, I was actually doing something MORE than
just Original Strength.

And this “something more” is what allowed me to get
stronger than I’ve ever been in my life.

It’s how I finally got my:

– Bodyweight Pistol

– One Arm One Leg Push Up (without practicing)

– Muscle Ups (without practicing)

And the BEST part for YOU?

It makes ALL your KB training BETTER.

– It makes your hip hinge crisper and therefore your
swings, snatches, and cleans more explosive.

– It makes your press stronger.

– It improves your conditioning faster.

– It improves you shoulder mobility and stability
for stronger Get Ups

What is it?

(Here’s a picture:)

It’s called “Original Strength Performance.”

It’s most of the material we teach on Day 2 of our Original
Strength Foundations Workshops.

The best part about using this material?

It helps you start to feel like that super-hero again you used
to pretend to be when you were a kid.

If you’re interested in turning back the clock and becoming
the super-hero you dreamed of being when you were a kid,
then check out “Original Strength Performance” here.

Off to save my world!


P.S. This is a hard copy book – you know a REAL book that
you can hold in your hands. So when you order it today, it’ll
take about a week for it to be shipped to you.

However, if you prefer digital, you can get a copy on Amazon
Kindle here.

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