Forgotten Fat Loss Strategy #2 (Dumb.)

There’s something really “funny” that happens when
people start using KBs to lose fat –

They lose their sanity.

It’s true.

I’ve seen it first hand.

It goes something like this –

“Wow – that was a really hard workout! I must’ve
burned a ton of calories…

“I guess it’s ok for me to eat this (insert high
calorie junk food in here).”

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!


It’s like they’ve lost their minds!

That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want to
do if you’re trying to lose fat with KBs.

I hope this hasn’t happened to you. If it has,
there’s something you can do about it RIGHT now –

Forgotten Fat Loss Strategy #2 –



Plan ahead???

What kind of “crazy talk” is that?

No one plans ahead anymore… do they…???

Successful people do.

You do.

In other areas of your life.

You just need your workouts pre-planned and
your meals pre-planned.

Yes workouts.

No more “I’m just gonna do some Swings…”

Not good enough and not gonna cut it for REAL
fat loss. No sir. No ma’am.

And yes, meals.

No more stopping off at the drive-thru –
no matter how “convenient” it is.

Here’s a program that’s “pre-planned” and proven
by over 3124 people to work in stripping off all that
unwanted flab

It includes workouts – only 3 each week, and it
shows you EXACTLY how much you should eat to
finally get rid of the excess weight.

And it’s on sale for over 40% off until Friday
night at Midnight

Get your copy now and be ready to show off your
abs or your flat tummy at the pool this Memorial

Talk soon.


P.S. If “Planning Ahead” sounds like it’ll require
more energy than you have right now, don’t worry –
you just need someone to show you how to do it –
just like this.

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