Forgotten Kettlebell Fat Loss Strategy #1

Well… spring is here.

The sun is shining…

The birds are chirping…

And the shorts and skirts are popping out all
over the place.

The winter has been unkind to many – maybe even
you – shorts are tighter and the skirts –
well, let’s just leave it at that, shall we…?

That means if you’re going to be taking your
shirt off at the beach or pool this summer instead
of pretending that people truly believe you’re
“protecting your skin” by leaving your shirt on…

… then you need to get back on a serious fat loss

Here’s the #1 forgotten kettlebell (any bell)
fat loss strategy to help you start chipping away
at that chub:

Program Your Recovery.

Yeah, not sexy at all, I know.

Sorry. (Not really.)

See, most people will get in a frenzy when they
start training for fat loss and that means in their
minds they gotta work out – hard – every day.



What you gotta do if you REALLY want to see
results is work out INTENSELY three days a

45 minutes per workout is about right for most.

Then you MUST recover from those workouts.

That means you must REST.

And spend the time resting managing your wicked
eating ways that helped you plump up over the

Here’s a time-tested program that will help you
3127 users…)

How’s around 2 pounds per week sound?

See you at the pool (with our shirts off).

P.S. I should probably tell you that this program is
on sale for over 40% off this week only because
I want you to make your friends and family jealous when
you take your shirt off at the pool, beach or wherever
this summer…

P.P.S. I’ve also tossed in 11 “shortcut” videos of the 
major single KB exercises for you just to get you 

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