Free Call For You Tonight [DETAILS INSIDE]

Something a little different today…

Yours truly is being interviewed tonight on the benefits
of KB training – especially when compared to other tools
and trends in the fitness industry.

Jim Katsoulis, a leading expert in hypnosis and NLP
(and also a Yoga instructor) is hosting the call. Jim’s great
with the “inner game” – getting your mind right for success.

Here’s where you register for the call:

This is really going to help you out.

Here are some of of the topics we’ll be covering:

– Why KBs are so great for fat loss and body transformation
(Duh! – Most of this you may already know, but I’ve saved
some surprises for you)…

– Why people really fail (maybe even you) in their exercise

– How to not only “not fail” but to wildly succeed on
any exercise program – KB or otherwise…

– Using “Universal Law” to your advantage in your fat loss

– And a bunch of other really good stuff that I’m not going
to spoil for you by listing it all here…

Get on the call by clicking the link below:

This is really going to help you out – especially with the
Holiday Season coming up – where it’s easy to lose your
focus and balance with your training.

Be on the call tonight:

Talk soon.


P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you register for the call you’ll
get access to the replay over the weekend in case something
comes up and you miss it or part of it.

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