“Friday Fast One #33″ – [WORKOUT]

Hey Hey Happy Friday!

Taking the morning off this morning and heading to the zoo. Supposed to be 57 today. Don’t worry though, snow tomorrow. :-)

Here’s a quick workout to get you through your day –

Whether you had a rough week with very little sleep like I did (hence the lack of emails) or you want to finish the week strong –

This workout will do it for you.

It’s designed to make you stronger AND burn a ton o’calories so it’ll burn fat and get you leaner too.

(Sweet deal, huh?)


It’s very simple.

Using either one KB or two (you know my preference) –

Perform the following for 15 minutes, after a 5 minute warm up:

A1. Jerk (or Push Press)
A2. Front Squat

– Use a medium to medium-heavy pair of KBs
– Alternate between sets of A1 and A2
– Perform sets of 4-6 reps
– Rest as little as needed but as much as necessary

When you’re done, take 5 minutes to cool down with some diaphragmatic breathing. (Lie on the floor with you feet slightly elevated.)

It’s that “simple.”

Expect an elevated heart rate and pumped muscles, especially if you take your reps to 6.

That’s it for today – gotta get the kiddos ready.

Stay Strong.


PS – If you don’t know how to do the Jerk, and you’re serious about getting leaner and stronger, then you need to check this out.

It’ll teach you everything you need to know about performing the Jerk (and the Push Press) as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

PPS – If you like the idea of having a fat-burning KB workout delivered to your inbox every day, go here for more info.

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