Friday “Fat-Busting” Fun Workout [INSIDE]

Hard to believe the summer is over already and fall has

I’ll be taking my son to the pool this afternoon at my wife’s
new gym, which looks like a spa. (Hey, she needed some
time to herself and wanted to be able to have access to
a hot tub, whirlpool, and sauna…)

The pool…

Strikes fear in the hearts of many an individual.

And not because they can’t swim, either.

It’s the dread of having to take the shirt off or show off the
legs… Or figure out how to cover up the midsection.

(Sun shirt, anyone?)

Good thing winter’s coming, right?

So you can hide that stuff – especially if you enjoyed a little
too much summertime fun…

You know – a couple extra beers or cocktails… Another
burger or hot dog… One too many desserts…

And hopefully, not put on any more…


Hope is not a course of action!

If you partied a little too hard this summer and “found” some
of that extra body fat you lost just before summer, have no fear
my friend –

Here’s a little workout to get you started peeling off some of
that shame.

(Nope, no swings neither.)

It’s one of my favorite methods for “fat-bustin’.”

You take some heavy KBs do low reps with them and cut
your rest down.

Takes a lot of energy.

Jacks up the heart rate.

Especially if you use the right exercises.

So here’s today’s little beauty:

1. Grab a pair of KBs – any pair – don’t have to be matching
and make sure they’re moderately heavy. A 5 rep max is
going to be the best laod.

2. You’re going to perform the double Front Squat, with a
pause at the bottom – 2 seconds.

3. Set your timer for 20 minutes.

4. Perform as many sets of 2 in that 20 minutes as possible.

That’s it.




Speaking of…

What are you doing the next 29 days?

Why not strip off any of the excess “party weight” you put on
this summer AFAP?

(AFAP = As Fast As Possible)

If you want to lose up to 17 pounds in the next 29 days
(I’ve had one guy lose 36) -

Then this is for you.

Talk soon.


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