Friday Free-For-All (Workout Inside)

Greeting from chilly St Paul!

It’s about 10 degrees colder here than the weather predicted
when I left. Awesome. Glad we’re indoors this weekend.

We’re about to start up the RKC 2 (big announcement about
that early next week) where among other things, the
candidates will learn how the nuances of the double KB

Among them are ones that give many people trouble:

– Double Push Press
– Double Snatch
– Double Jerk

It’s a shame these are difficult for many cause they’re
just what the doctor ordered for making your body
wiry strong, superbly conditioned, and in many case,
hacking off excess blubber.

So, in honor of the Level 2 this weekend, I thought I’d set
you up with a great workout from “Kettlebell Express!

Which for those of you who have sent me emails asking
me the difference between this and “Kettlebell Express!” –

“ULTRA” is still short 20-30 minute workout programs, but
using all double kettlebells.

And no, they’re not the same programs as “Express!” but
using an extra KB, just in case your inner skeptic was

Anyway, here’s today’s workout:

It’s part of a program called “Super Circuit 3″.

Perform the following as a circuit:

A1. Clean
A2. Press
A3. Front Squat
A4. Push Press
A5. High Pull

– Use your 10RM for each exercise
– Perform ladders of 2,4,6
– Perform as many ladders as possible in the allotted time period
– Rest between sets and exercises as you can in 20 minutes

This is a nice mix of strength with “incidental conditioning.”

You’ll see what I mean when you get to the sets of 6. ;-]

In my book, for faster results, double kettlebells programs are
THE way to go.

If you’d like to see faster results in strength, conditioning, and fat
loss, then I suggest you start using double kettlebells routinely
in your workouts.

You can get 49 different, time-efficient, double kettlebell programs
today by grabbing a copy of “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” at 30%
off cause I’m too lazy to write a sales letter.

When you click on the link below you’ll bypass the non-existent
salesletter and go straight to the shopping cart.

My laziness = your gain.

Gotta run.

Off to teach the candidates double kettlebell techniques.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you need some help on your double KB techniques, here’s
a video on building your double kettlebell foundation:

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